Diablo Immortal Cleanse Ancestral Relics

Summary: In the world of Diablo Immortal, ancestral relics are powerful artifacts that provide boons to players when activated. However, these relics can become corrupted and require cleansing. In this article, we will discuss the process of cleansing ancestral relics and the benefits it provides.

1. Understanding Ancestral Relics

Ancestral relics are powerful artifacts that players can obtain by completing certain quests or defeating certain enemies. Once obtained, these relics can be activated to provide various boons to the player, such as increased damage or defense.

However, these relics can also become corrupted over time, which can lead to negative effects for the player. This corruption is represented by a meter that fills up as the relic is used, and once it reaches a certain point, the relic becomes unusable.

To prevent this from happening, players must periodically cleanse their ancestral relics.

2. The Cleansing Process

The first step in cleansing an ancestral relic is to identify the type of corruption affecting it. There are three types of corruption: physical, elemental, and demonic. Each type of corruption requires a different method of cleansing.

Once the type of corruption has been identified, players must gather the necessary materials to perform the cleansing ritual. These materials can be obtained by completing quests, defeating enemies, or trading with other players.

The final step in the cleansing process is to perform the ritual itself. This involves using the materials gathered to purify the relic and remove the corruption.

3. Benefits of Cleansing Ancestral Relics

The most obvious benefit of cleansing ancestral relics is that it allows the player to continue using the relic without any negative effects. Additionally, cleansing a relic can also increase its power, making it even more beneficial to the player.

However, perhaps the most valuable benefit of cleansing ancestral relics is that it allows the player to unlock special abilities associated with the relic. These abilities can provide game-changing bonuses and greatly enhance the player’s overall power.

It is important to note that each relic has a unique set of abilities that can only be unlocked through cleansing. This provides further incentive for players to invest time and resources into cleansing their relics.

4. Importance of Cleansing Ancestral Relics

Cleansing ancestral relics is an essential part of playing Diablo Immortal. Neglecting to cleanse a relic can lead to negative effects that greatly hinder the player’s progress in the game.

Furthermore, ancestral relics play a significant role in the game’s lore, and cleansing them helps to preserve the history and legacy of the world of Sanctuary.

Finally, cleansing ancestral relics is a great way to connect with other players and build a sense of community within the game.

5. The Future of Ancestral Relics

As Diablo Immortal continues to grow and evolve, it is likely that new ancestral relics will be introduced, providing even more opportunities for players to customize their characters and enhance their power.

Additionally, it is possible that new methods of cleansing and purifying relics will be discovered, adding even more depth and complexity to this aspect of the game.

One thing is clear – as long as there are ancestral relics to be found, there will always be a need for players to cleanse them and unlock their full potential.


In Diablo Immortal, ancestral relics are powerful artifacts that provide players with significant boons when activated. However, they can become corrupted over time and require cleansing in order to maintain their usefulness. By understanding the process of cleansing ancestral relics, players can unlock powerful abilities and ensure that their relics remain a valuable part of their arsenal. So go forth, adventurer, and may your relics be forever cleansed!

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