Diablo Immortal Crashing On Startup Ios

Summary: Many iOS users are facing the issue of Diablo Immortal crashing on startup. This problem is frustrating for many gamers who are eagerly waiting to play the latest release. The issue can be due to various reasons such as outdated software, compatibility issues, or device problems. In this article, we will discuss some possible solutions to fix Diablo Immortal crashing on startup for iOS users.

1. Check for iOS Updates

One of the main reasons for Diablo Immortal crashing on startup could be outdated software. It is essential to check for any pending iOS updates and install them if available. Follow these steps to check for iOS updates:

• Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

• Check for any pending updates and tap on ‘Download and Install’.

• Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and ensure that there is enough storage space available.

If you find any updates, make sure to back up your data before installing them. After installing the updates, check if Diablo Immortal is still crashing on startup.

2. Verify Diablo Immortal Compatibility

Diablo Immortal might crash on startup if it is not fully compatible with your device. Check the official Blizzard website to verify if your device is compatible with Diablo Immortal. These are the minimum system requirements for the game:

• iPhone 7 or later version

• iPad Air or later version

• iPad mini 5th generation or later version

If your device meets the system requirements, ensure that your device has enough storage space as the game is around 4GB in size. If you have an older device, you might need to upgrade your device to play the game smoothly.

3. Reset Game Settings in iCloud

You can also try resetting game settings in iCloud if Diablo Immortal is crashing on startup. Follow these steps:

• Go to Settings -> [Your Name] -> iCloud.

• Scroll down and tap on ‘Manage Storage’.

• Tap on ‘Backups’ and select your device.

• Tap on ‘Show All Apps’ and click on Diablo Immortal.

• Click on ‘Delete Data’ and confirm the action.

This will delete any game data stored in iCloud for Diablo Immortal, including settings. After resetting the settings, launch the game to check if it still crashes on startup.


The above solutions should help fix the problem of Diablo Immortal crashing on startup for iOS users. It is important to note that the issue can be due to various reasons, so it might take multiple attempts to fix it. If you are still facing the problem, contact Blizzard customer support for further assistance.

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