Diablo Quests


Diablo is an action role-playing game that has been in existence since 1996. It features quests as part of its gameplay, with each level offering different challenges and rewards. Diablo quests are different from other role-playing games because they are randomly generated, making the game more challenging and exciting to play. In this article, we will be discussing the various types of Diablo quests, their objectives and rewards.

1. Storyline quests

Storyline quests are the main quests in Diablo, and they are designed to push the game’s storyline forward. Completing these quests will take players through different levels of Diablo’s story. In this type of quest, players will receive detailed instructions on what to do and where to go. They will also encounter bosses, who they must defeat to progress to the next level.

Completing storyline quests will also grant players unique rewards, which might include rare items, weapons, or even access to new areas. This type of quest is organized in such a way that completing one level unlocks access to another level. The ultimate objective of the storyline quest is to defeat the game’s main boss, Diablo himself.

2. Side quests

Side quests are optional quests that players can undertake in addition to the storyline quest. These quests often have their storyline but are not as important to the game’s final outcome as the storyline quests. They usually involve characters players meet during the storyline quest and can lead to exciting rewards if completed.

In side quests, players might be asked to kill a group of enemies, collect an item, or activate a particular object. When completed, side quests can grant in-game currency, unique items, or even experience points. Taking up side quests can be beneficial because they allow players to level up faster and amass resources needed to fight bosses in the storyline quest.

3. Bounties

Bounties are Diablo random quests that can be picked up from any of the game’s five acts. They involve visiting specific locations, clearing out a particular number of enemies, or even finding and killing a particular boss. Successfully completing bounties earns players in-game currency and rare items.

Bounties are interesting because they change every day, and players get different rewards each time they undertake them. This means that repeatable quests become more exciting and unpredictable, which keeps players engaged.

4. Events

Diablo events are limited-time quests available to players who have completed the storyline quest and reached level 70. They often come with unique storylines and rewards, which are not usually available in regular gameplay. Completing an event gets the player access to an exclusive area within the game, which could contain rare items and weapons.

Events in Diablo are available for a limited period, which means players need to start and complete them within a specific timeframe. Players who miss out on these events can wait for them to reoccur, but it could take months or years.

5. Dungeons

Dungeons are quests that test a player’s fighting skills and strategy. They involve descending into an underground location and battling a series of tiny enemies until the player comes across a main boss. The best part about dungeon quests is that they are generated randomly, meaning that no two dungeons are the same.

Completing dungeons can yield rare items, weapons, and experience points, which will help players level up. These quests get progressively harder as the player descends further into the dungeon, and the rewards that come with them increase correspondingly.


Diablo is a highly addictive game with many different types of quests. The most prominent quest types include the storylines, side quests, bounties, events, and dungeons. Each quest type has its unique storyline, objectives, and rewards. Diablo players have numerous quests to undertake, which will keep them engaged in exploring the game’s possibilities for many months or years. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will undoubtedly find a quest type that suits your gaming style in Diablo.

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