Diablo Sv Gtr

Summary: The Diablo SV GTR is a rare and highly sought-after supercar that was produced by Lamborghini in the late 1990s. This limited edition vehicle was designed to be a street-legal version of the company’s Diablo race car, with a number of features and modifications that made it one of the most impressive sports cars of its era.

1. Design and Features

The Diablo SV GTR was a sleek and aggressive-looking car, with a number of features that set it apart from its predecessors. The body of the car was extensively modified for improved aerodynamics, with a larger rear wing, side skirts, and a new front splitter all added to reduce drag and increase downforce. The suspension was also revised, with stiffer springs and shock absorbers, as well as a wider track and larger wheels and tires. Inside, the car featured race-style bucket seats, a roll cage, and a stripped-down interior with few amenities.

The engine in the Diablo SV GTR was a modified version of the standard Diablo V12, producing 595 horsepower at 7,100 rpm. This power was sent to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission and limited-slip differential, allowing the car to reach a top speed of more than 200 miles per hour. The car was also equipped with large Brembo brakes and a high-performance exhaust system for improved stopping power and engine efficiency.

In total, only 30 Diablo SV GTRs were produced, making it one of the rarest and most exclusive Lamborghinis ever created. Each car was hand-built and customized to the owner’s specifications, with a wide range of color options and other features available to create a truly unique driving experience.

2. Driving Experience

For those lucky enough to drive a Diablo SV GTR, the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. This high-performance supercar is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds, and can corner at speeds of up to 1.2 g. The car’s stiff suspension and low ride height provide excellent road feel and handling, while the powerful engine and exhaust system produce a throaty roar that is sure to turn heads.

Despite its track-oriented design, the Diablo SV GTR is a surprisingly comfortable car to drive on the street. The interior is well-appointed and provides a reasonable level of comfort and convenience, while the low-slung seats and wide dashboard give the driver excellent visibility and control. The car’s air conditioning system and other amenities make it a viable choice for longer trips or daily use, although the fuel economy is predictably poor.

Overall, the driving experience of the Diablo SV GTR is one of raw power and excitement, with a level of performance that few other cars can match. Whether tearing up the track or cruising down the highway, this limited edition Lamborghini is sure to impress anyone who has the opportunity to drive it.

3. Collectibility and Value

As one of the rarest and most desirable Lamborghinis ever produced, the Diablo SV GTR has become a highly sought-after collectible car in recent years. Prices for these vehicles have skyrocketed, with some examples selling for more than $1 million at auction.

The car’s rarity and limited production run make it attractive to collectors, while its distinctive design and impressive racing pedigree only add to its mystique. As time goes on, it is likely that the value of the Diablo SV GTR will only continue to increase, making it a smart investment for those looking for a unique and valuable addition to their car collection.

Of course, the high price and limited availability of these vehicles means that they are not likely to be seen on the streets very often. For most enthusiasts, the Diablo SV GTR remains an unattainable dream car, something to admire from afar and appreciate for its beauty and performance.


The Lamborghini Diablo SV GTR is a rare and highly coveted supercar that remains one of the most impressive vehicles ever produced by the Italian automaker. With its distinctive design, powerful engine, and race-oriented features, this limited edition vehicle is sure to impress anyone who has the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Whether as a collectible item or a high-performance driving machine, the Diablo SV GTR is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering and design.

For those lucky enough to own or drive one of these cars, the Diablo SV GTR is a symbol of status, power, and exclusivity. It is a reminder of the incredible capabilities of modern automotive technology, and a testament to the dedication and passion of the engineers and designers who brought it to life. Ultimately, the Diablo SV GTR is a tribute to the enduring appeal of the Lamborghini brand, and a shining example of what makes this iconic automaker so beloved among car enthusiasts around the world.

Lastly, the rarity and value of the Diablo SV GTR ensure that it will remain a treasured and highly sought-after vehicle for many years to come, continuing to inspire and captivate car lovers everywhere.

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