Diablos Mc Nh

Summary: Diablos MC NH is a notorious biker gang that has been involved in various illegal activities and violent acts. Despite their bad reputation, the gang members remain fiercely loyal to each other and operate like a family.

1. History of Diablos MC NH

The Diablos MC NH is a branch of the larger Diablos MC motorcycle club that was founded in California in the late 1960s. The Diablos MC NH was established in New Hampshire in the early 2000s and quickly made a name for themselves with their aggressive behavior and involvement in criminal activities such as drug trafficking and extortion.

Over the years, the Diablos MC NH have expanded their territory beyond New Hampshire and have chapters in other states such as Massachusetts and Maine. The gang continues to engage in illegal activities and maintain their reputation as one of the most dangerous biker gangs in the country.

Despite the legal issues that the gang has faced over the years, the members of the Diablos MC NH remain fiercely devoted to each other and the club. The bond between members is so strong that they often refer to each other as “brothers” and prioritize the interests of the club above all else.

2. Criminal Activities of Diablos MC NH

The Diablos MC NH have been linked to various criminal activities over the years, including drug trafficking, extortion, and violent assaults. In 2019, several members of the gang were arrested and charged with conspiring to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine across New Hampshire and Vermont.

The gang has also been known to engage in violent acts such as shootings and stabbings. In 2017, a member of the Diablos MC NH was convicted of stabbing a man at a bar in Rochester, New Hampshire. The victim suffered life-threatening injuries and required emergency surgery.

The Diablos MC NH also have a reputation for intimidating witnesses and potential informants. In 2016, a member of the gang was charged with witness tampering after trying to coerce a witness not to testify against another member who had been arrested for drug trafficking.

3. Code of Conduct and Membership

The Diablos MC NH operate like a family, and members are expected to follow a strict code of conduct. The club is governed by a set of bylaws that dictate everything from how members should behave to how chapters are established.

The code of conduct requires members to prioritize the interests of the club above all else, including their families and careers. Members are also expected to be willing to engage in criminal activities if it benefits the club and its goals.

Becoming a member of the Diablos MC NH is a long and difficult process. Prospective members must go through a series of tests and earn the respect of existing members before they can be granted full membership. The gang also has a strict policy against allowing law enforcement officials or anyone associated with law enforcement to join the club.

4. Notable Feuds and Incidents

The Diablos MC NH have been involved in several feuds with other motorcycle clubs over the years. One of the most notable conflicts was with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, which erupted into a violent brawl at a bar in Rhode Island in 2002.

In 2014, a member of the Diablos MC NH was shot several times outside of a bar in Massachusetts after an altercation with members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. The incident sparked further violent confrontations between the two gangs in the following weeks.

The Diablos MC NH have also been involved in incidents with law enforcement officials. In 2011, a member of the gang was killed during a police raid in Manchester, New Hampshire. The raid was part of a larger investigation into drug trafficking and other criminal activities by the gang.

5. Current Status of Diablos MC NH

The Diablos MC NH continue to operate and expand their territory, despite facing increased scrutiny and surveillance from law enforcement officials. The gang has been linked to several recent drug trafficking cases and violent incidents.

In response to the gang’s activities, law enforcement officials have stepped up efforts to curtail their criminal operations. This includes increased monitoring of gang activity and targeting individual members for arrest and prosecution.

Despite these measures, the Diablos MC NH remain a potent force in the criminal underworld and one of the most notorious biker gangs in the country.


While the Diablos MC NH have faced numerous legal challenges over the years, the gang’s members remain fiercely loyal to each other and the club. The gang’s history of criminal activity and violent behavior has earned them a notorious reputation, and their ongoing activities continue to draw the attention of law enforcement officials.

Critics of the gang argue that the Diablos MC NH represent a dangerous and destructive force in society, while supporters often view them as a group of tightly-knit individuals who prioritize loyalty and brotherhood above all else.

Regardless of one’s views on the gang, it is clear that the Diablos MC NH will continue to be an influential presence in the motorcycle club world for years to come.

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