Dog Names From Star Wars

With the rise in popularity of Star Wars, it’s no surprise that many pet owners have taken to naming their furry companions after some of the beloved characters. Whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy, the prequels, or the newer movies, there’s no shortage of great dog names to choose from in the Star Wars universe. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best dog names inspired by Star Wars and why they might be a great fit for your pup.

1. Chewbacca

Chewbacca, also known as “Chewie,” is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars history. He’s famous for his distinct look, including his fur and bandolier, as well as his loyalty and bravery. Naming your dog Chewbacca would be a great choice for any owner who values strength, loyalty, and friendship.

2. Yoda

Yoda is another beloved character in the Star Wars universe. He’s known for his intelligence, wisdom, and his signature way of speaking. A small dog with big ears would be the perfect candidate for a Yoda-inspired name. Not only would this name be fitting for a wise and intelligent pet but it’s also easy to say and fun to shout.

3. Leia

Princess Leia is one of the strongest heroines in the Star Wars universe. She’s a leader, a fighter, and a master of diplomacy. Naming your dog Leia could be a great choice if you’re looking for a strong, independent, and confident name for your female pup. Plus, it’s a beautiful name for anyone who loves the character and her iconic hairstyle.

4. Luke

Luke Skywalker is the protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy. He starts as a humble farm boy and grows into a skilled Jedi Knight. Naming your dog Luke could be a great option for any owner looking for a classic, strong name for their pet. Bonus points if your dog has an affinity for laser swords.

5. Wicket

Wicket is the Ewok that helps Princess Leia and her companions in Return of the Jedi. He’s small, furry, and brave, making him a beloved character among Star Wars fans. Naming your dog Wicket would be a great choice if you have a small, adventurous pup who isn’t afraid of anything.

6. Rey

Rey is the main protagonist of the newest Star Wars trilogy. She’s a scavenger turned Jedi who learns to tap into her powers with the Force. Naming your dog Rey could be a great choice if you’re looking for a strong, modern name for your female pet. It’s an empowering name for anyone who loves the character and her journey.


In conclusion, Star Wars offers plenty of great dog names for any fan of the franchise. Whether you choose to name your pup after a character from one of the movies or simply take inspiration from the Star Wars universe, there’s no shortage of options available. Just remember to choose a name that fits your dog’s personality, size, and breed. May the Force be with you and your furry companion!

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