Double Doors In Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game that has managed to capture the interest of millions of people around the world. The game is all about exploring, creating, and surviving in a virtual world that is made up of blocks. One of the essential elements of any Minecraft build is a door. Doors are used to gain entry into structures and offer a level of security.

In Minecraft, double doors have become increasingly popular. These doors consist of two door blocks placed side by side, providing a more massive opening than a single door. This article details everything you need to know about double doors in Minecraft.

1. Introduction to Double Doors

Double doors were first introduced in Minecraft beta 1.6 back in 2011. Players were excited to see this new addition to the game, as it allowed for more substantial entrances and wider passageways. Double doors have since become a staple of Minecraft builds, and players often incorporate them into their creations.

Double doors are created by placing two wooden door blocks next to each other. They can be opened by right-clicking on either door block instead of just one, making them more convenient for players to use. To ensure proper functioning, the two door blocks must be facing opposite directions.

2. Crafting Double Doors

Crafting double doors is relatively easy. The materials you need are two wooden door blocks and six wooden planks. The planks should match the type of wood used for the doors, so oak planks for oak doors, birch planks for birch doors, and so on.

To craft double doors, place the two door blocks side by side in the bottom two slots of the crafting table. Then, place three wooden planks across the top row and three down the middle row. Once crafted, you will have two double doors that can be placed side by side.

3. Redstone Integration

Redstone is a Minecraft feature that allows for the creation of complex machines and systems. Redstone can be used to make automatic double doors. To create automatic double doors, place pressure plates on either side of the doors. These pressure plates will send a redstone signal to open the doors when a player steps on them.

Another way to use redstone with double doors is to utilize a lever or button. By connecting a lever or button to the doors with redstone, players can open and close the doors from a distance.

4. Advantages of Double Doors

Double doors offer several advantages in Minecraft builds. They provide a more substantial entrance and exit point, allowing for larger objects to pass through with ease. Double doors also look aesthetically pleasing and can add a level of sophistication to a build.

5. Disadvantages of Double Doors

While there are many advantages to using double doors in Minecraft, there are a few disadvantages as well. One issue is that double doors require more materials than single doors, making them slightly more expensive. Additionally, if not placed correctly, double doors can become jammed, preventing players from passing through.


In conclusion, double doors are a valuable addition to any Minecraft build. They offer numerous advantages and can be crafted relatively easily. They can also be integrated into redstone machines to create automatic opening and closing. While they do have some disadvantages, the benefits of using double doors far outweigh any negative issues. If you’re building a structure in Minecraft, consider using double doors to provide a more significant entrance and take your creation to the next level.

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