El Diablo Amps

Summary: El Diablo Amps are USA made tube amplifiers with a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable amps. They are generally aimed at metal, hard rock, and other styles of heavy music. The brand has gained numerous fans and endorsements due to their excellent sound quality and reasonable prices.

1. History of El Diablo Amps

El Diablo was founded in 2007 by David Braykovich, a former Mesa Boogie amplifier designer. He established the company with the aim of designing and producing high-quality tube amps that were affordable for musicians looking for a heavier sound. The brand quickly gained popularity, with endorsements from famous artists like Phil Demmel, Joel Stroetzel, and Jeff Loomis. In the early years, El Diablo focused on the production of smaller, low-wattage amps, but they have since expanded their range to include bigger amps suitable for larger gigs and festivals.

Their products are still produced in California and distributed worldwide through a select group of dealers such as George’s Music, Chicago Music Exchange, and Ned Goldberg. Today El Diablo offers a range of quality amplifiers that can compete with the biggest names in the industry.

The company is dedicated to creating amps that not only sound great but are reliable and roadworthy. They use high-quality parts and craftsmanship to manufacture their amps, making sure they are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of touring. Every El Diablo amp is tested for reliability and durability to ensure they are able to perform to high professional standards for years to come.

2. Product Lines

El Diablo Amps offers a range of different product lines that cater to different types of guitarist and musical styles. Some of their most popular models include the El Capitan, which is perfect for the heavier, technical guitarists, the Diablo, which is a great all-rounder, and the Red Revelation, which is designed for heavy, modern rock and metal. Whenever you purchase an El Diablo product, you can always be sure of their quality and reliability.

El Diablo Amps also provides custom options which allow users to pick and choose different features to suit their needs. This makes it easy to get an amp that is tailored to your playing style and specific requirements. Custom options range from different types of speaker configurations to different types of tolex and grill cloth options.

The brand also creates bespoke amplifiers for guitarists who have specific needs or ideas for their dream amp. El Diablo provides custom-made amplifiers with a dedicated service to cater to individual preferences. With this level of expertise, customers can expect to receive high-quality products and personalized attention throughout the entire process.

3. Sound Quality

The primary objective of the El Diablo Amps brand is to offer excellent sound quality. Their design team collaborates with renowned musicians to produce amplifiers that meet the specific sound requirements of heavy music. The materials used in production, the circuit designs, and the tonal shaping of each amp, provide guitarists with the much-needed flexibility to create the desired sound.

Many guitarists are searching for amps that provide great, clear treble combined with a powerful bass. El Diablo Amps cater for this need through their unique circuits and designs tailored to these sonic requirements. With the variety of options available, players can experiment with their sound and achieve their desired tone.

Great sounding amps are essential in any musical context, and El Diablo delivers fantastic sound quality every time, making them a go-to brand for heavy music enthusiasts.

4. Reliability and Durability

As mentioned earlier, the El Diablo Amplifier brand ensures their amps are reliable and durable. The nature of heavy music means that amps need to be robust enough to withstand numerous gigs and the general wear and tear of performing regularly.

The company utilizes quality materials, including high-end components, in the construction of their amps, ensuring that they are long-lasting and can provide the player with great functionality over an extended period. The joinery is done by skilled craftsmen to avoid any unnecessary problems when using the product. By designing amps that can withstand tough usage situations, El Diablo Amplifiers offers a fitting product to its customers.

Simplicity is also crucial in guaranteeing reliability, and El Diablo achieves this by only integrating vital components in their designs and leaving anything extraneous untouched. This simplicity in design ensures their amps remain clear, easy to operate, and reliable.

5. Affordability

El Diablo Amps are known for producing reasonably priced amps without sacrificing on quality. They make it possible for players to acquire high-quality amps at a fraction of the price of other companies, like Marshall or Mesa Boogie. The brand ensures that the amps are an excellent value for money proposition for guitarists looking for the heavier sound that characterizes contemporary music.

The affordable nature of their products is an essential feature as it makes them accessible to a wider audience and creates more opportunities for players in terms of the tone available to them. Affordable amps don’t always deliver top-notch sound quality, but El Diablo Amps manages both affordability and superior sound quality effectively.

Being an affordable and high-performing brand, El Diablo amps open the door to more entry-level musicians who may not necessarily have the financial muscle to purchase higher-end amplifiers.


In conclusion, El Diablo Amps has established a reputation for delivering quality products that meet the demands of modern-day guitarists playing heavier sounds. The company’s primary aim is to make quality amps, and they continue to deliver on that promise.

Their affordable price range, sound quality, ease of use, durability, and reliability are what place El Diablo Amps among the most respected tube amplifier companies in the market today – a testament to their dedication to creating excellent products, and it has earned them many loyal fans in the world of heavy music.

Lastly, purchasing El Diablo Amps ensures players acquire expertly crafted equipment tailored to their particular needs, whether an individualist looking for the perfect amp or musicians considering the purchase of their first heavy-sound amp.

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