Final Fantasy 3 3d Vs Pixel Remaster

Summary: Final Fantasy 3 is a classic RPG game that has been remastered twice, once in 3D and once in Pixel format. This article will compare and contrast the two remastered versions of the game, looking at aspects such as graphics, gameplay, story, and overall experience.

1. Graphics Comparison

The 3D version of Final Fantasy 3 was released in 2006, while the Pixel Remaster was released in 2021. When it comes to graphics, the 3D version obviously offers more modern and visually stunning visuals. The characters are rendered in three dimensions and the environments are fully realized with details like shadows, lighting, and textures.

On the other hand, the Pixel Remaster uses retro pixel graphics akin to other classic Final Fantasy games. While some may find this format dated, others will find charm in the nostalgia it brings. The visuals also have a slightly softer, warmer look due to the pixelation, and the graphics still manage to convey the game’s fantastical environment and character designs effectively.

Overall, it depends on what the player prefers: a more modern look with impressive graphics or a retro-inspired aesthetic that harkens back to Final Fantasy’s roots.

2. Gameplay Differences

The 3D version of Final Fantasy 3 introduces more varied dungeons that make use of the game’s three-dimensional space. This means navigation through the game’s areas is more engaging and explorative, leading to an increased sense of discovery. Additionally, the player can also customize the job system of each character more easily in the 3D version, giving them more control over how they want to progress in the game.

The Pixel Remaster introduces quality of life improvements, like an auto-battle function that eliminates grinding needs for earlier enemies and makes battles move faster. The player can also save their game anytime, anywhere, unlike the original release which only permitted saving in specific locations. However, the Pixel Remaster’s retro style and 2D gameplay may feel old-fashioned to players accustomed to modern graphics and mechanics.

In the end, which version of gameplay is better comes down to player preference – whether they prefer a more immersive experience or an easy-to-navigate game with each player controlling their characters’ abilities.

3. The game story in Comparison

The story of Final Fantasy 3 remains mostly unchanged between both versions of the remastered game. A group of warriors comes together to stop an ancient evil from destroying the world. The 3D version expands on the characterizations of the protagonists, adding richer dialogue and story details to improve the player’s connection to the characters and their quest. The cutscenes also feel more cinematic and impactful thanks to enhanced visuals.

Alternatively, the Pixel Remaster features the original story presented using classic pixel graphics. This version retains a retro quality that may be what some players are looking for.

When it comes down to it, the story remains the same across both versions. However, how the story is presented to the players can significantly impact how invested they are in the overall narrative.

4. Audio Comparison

The sound and music across both remastered versions are exceptional. However, the 3D version features fully orchestrated and recorded background music throughout the game, which adds a grand and epic atmosphere to the game.

The Pixel Remaster uses original, retro soundtracks that could be seen as nostalgic by certain players who grew up with the original game. Still, others may find these tracks out of place compared to the improved visuals.

Some players may prefer the nostalgic music found in the Pixel Remaster, while others will enjoy the modern quality of the fully orchestrated 3D game.

5. Overall Experience Comparison

Which version of Final Fantasy 3 you prefer will depend entirely on what type of gaming experience you are seeking. The 3D version is modern and stylish. It offers engaging and varied gameplay that immerses players into the fantasy world of Final Fantasy 3. Alternatively, The Pixel Remaster is a nostalgic trip that is pleasant to look at due to the pixelated graphics and classic soundtracks.

Some players may enjoy the modern treatment that the 3D version of Final Fantasy 3 provides. However, others may find it takes away from the old-school nostalgia of the original or the pixel remaster. In contrast, the Pixel Remaster is a simpler experience with updated mechanics and better visuals.


In conclusion, both the 3D version of Final Fantasy 3 and the Pixel Remaster offer unique advantages depending on your preferences. With top-notch audio, quality of life improvements, and unique graphical styles, each one has something for everyone. Essentially, both versions are worth experiencing and warrant consideration for any RPG lover and Final Fantasy enthusiast.

It’s easy to tell why Final Fantasy games aged gracefully among gamers from all walks of life; between their engrossing stories, fun characters, and captivating soundtracks, this franchise has become an institution in the gaming industry. For fans of Final Fantasy 3, both the 3D version and the Pixel Remaster are worthy treatments of the classic game that should be experienced at least once.

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