Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cats Locations

Summary: Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a lot more to offer than just a revamped gaming experience. The game offers numerous side quests, one of which includes finding cats scattered throughout the game’s Midgar city. Here is a comprehensive guide on how and where to find all the cats in the FF7 Remake.

1. Cat Quest

Cats are a significant part of the game as they present a small side quest in the game’s Midgar section. The quest is given by a little girl named Betty, who happens to lose her cat. Your task is to find her lost cat and locate other felines throughout Midgar. In total, there are seven cats to find.

2. Initial Location

Your first step should be to talk with Betty, who is located in the Sector 5 area of Midgar. You will find her near the train station, and she’ll explain her cat’s description and assign you the task of finding it. Once that’s done, your task is to find three other cats in Sector 7, Sector 6, and Sector 5.

3. Sector 7 Cats

In this section, there are two cats to be found. First, explore the nearby park in the Sector 7 slums, where one cat can be spotted hiding behind a slide. To find the other, exit the park and head towards the residential area, where you’ll discover another cat at ground level behind a pair of boxes.

4. Sector 6 Cat

In Sector 6, head to the Community Center and take the stairs to the second floor. There you will find a cat resting on top of a shelf.

5. Sector 5 Cats

In this sector, there are two cats to be found as well. First, return to the Sector 5 slums and check near the ledge leading to the upper levels. There you will find a cat lurking beneath the stairs. Then use the map to travel to Scrap Boulevard, where you can discover the last located cat on the other side of the barricade.

6. Last Cat Challenge

With all six cats found, it is time to locate the final one. Head back to Betty in Sector 5, where she’ll provide you with a clue towards the last location eventually leading you to the train graveyard. Here, there is a small fenced area on the right side of the broken box that is hiding the seventh and final feline.


The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an exemplary game, providing gamers with a unique experience, including additional tasks like locating the seven hidden cats. Finding all the cats may not be essential to the plot, but it forces players to explore more areas of the game and aids them in achieving the maximum value available in the game. So, if you’re stuck, utilize this guide to locate all the cats dotted throughout the game’s different sectors, and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!

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