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Summary: Final Fantasy is a popular action-role playing video game franchise that has also been adapted into a number of feature-length animated films. This article explores the various movies in the Final Fantasy franchise, analyzing their plot, animation style, and critical reception.

1. The Spirits Within

The 2001 film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was the first movie in the franchise. While it was praised for its stunning visuals, critics were generally unimpressed by the convoluted plotline. There was concern that the focus on graphics and special effects detracted from the storytelling. The film tells the story of Dr. Aki Ross, who seeks to find a way to stop phantoms from destroying the last remnants of mankind. Despite some negative reviews, the film performed well commercially, grossing over $85 million worldwide.

The Spirits Within was notable for being the first feature-length animated film to attempt photorealism. While its box office performance wasn’t as profitable as expected, it does stand as a pioneering work within the realm of computer-generated animation.

2. Advent Children

Advent Children, released in 2005, is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII, the highly acclaimed PlayStation game. The plot follows Cloud Strife and his companions as they fight against a new threat in the form of a mysterious disease known as Geostigma. Much like the game that inspired it, Advent Children was praised for its world-building and character development. It was noted for its epic action scenes as well as its beautiful animation. While it may not have been as successful as the first Final Fantasy movie, it still showcased the franchise’s potential as a source of quality animated content.

In addition to expanding the narrative of the game it based itself upon, Advent Children worked as a standalone feature for newcomers to the franchise. The film’s exploration of themes of guilt and redemption earned it critical acclaim, making it one of the most successful entry points into the world of Final Fantasy.

3. Kingsglaive

2016’s Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV took a different approach than its predecessors by being a prequel to the game rather than a direct adaptation. The movie tells the story of Nyx Ulric, a member of an elite military force tasked with protecting the kingdom of Lucis. Critics praised the film for its top-of-the-line animation as well as its engaging storyline. The voice acting, featuring big names like Lena Headey and Sean Bean, was also well received.

While it may not have made as big of a splash in terms of commercial success, Kingsglaive was widely regarded as a huge step forward in terms of filmmaking within the Final Fantasy franchise. Its mix of dramatic storytelling and breath-taking visuals made it a grand experience for both fans and newcomers alike. It would eventually lead to the creation of a new sub-franchise of full-length CGI movies: the Final Fantasy XV Universe.


Overall, the Final Fantasy franchise has proven itself to be a fertile creative ground for innovative, dynamic storytelling. While it may not have the box office draw of other animated properties, Final Fantasy movies are renowned for their attention to detail and stunning visuals. Each film stands on its own as a unique entry point into the colorful world of Final Fantasy, while also keeping the core spirit of the franchise alive. Whether you’re a fan of the games or interested in exploring new worlds, there’s no denying that the Final Fantasy movies have something for everyone.

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