Final Fantasy Crisis Core Guide

Summary: Final Fantasy Crisis Core is an action-packed role-playing game that takes place seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. This guide provides invaluable information on how to successfully navigate the game and complete all of its missions.

1. Mastering Combat

The game’s combat system is based on real-time action. You need to control your character’s movements and attacks to battle enemies effectively. One primary mechanic is the use of Materia-a magical force that gives you specific abilities such as creating shields or launching devastating attacks. It is essential to use Materia strategically, mastering its use and combining abilities to maximize your effectiveness in battle.

You can also upgrade your weapons and equipment to increase your strength and defense. You should focus on upgrading weapons that match your playstyle and abilities. Upgrading equipment will enhance your character’s stats, giving you an extra edge when battling foes. You can source new weapons and equipment by purchasing items from shops or completing missions.

2. Developing Your Character

Your character, Zack Fair, is not only defined by his gear and weapons, but his Materia and abilities too. A crucial element of the game is developing these characteristics through progression based on gameplay. You can accumulate experience and levels by defeating enemies and completing different missions. You can upgrade and learn new abilities by spending AP points earned when leveling up.

You should try experimenting with different Materia combinations to determine the best setup for different missions and enemies. Using the right combination of abilities can significantly increase your chances of success in battles. You should also take advantage of the game’s side missions and minigames to gain further experience and resources to grow your character.

3. Exploring the World

The world in Crisis Core is rich and diverse, filled with different landscapes, enemies, and allies. It is essential to explore every corner of the world to uncover hidden missions, enemies, and character enhancements. Exploring the environment can also help in collecting items that are needed for completing missions and upgrades.

The game’s setting includes various towns and cities where players can interact with friendly NPCs, purchase new items and equipment, and accept missions. Engaging them in dialogue may reveal essential information about the game, including clues on future events.


Final Fantasy Crisis Core is an exciting and complex game that requires skill and strategy to complete. It provides a rewarding playing experience, unmatched by other RPGs. To be successful, players need to master the combat system, develop their character’s abilities, and explore the game world fully. By following this guide, players can have a much more enjoyable experience, while also achieving the best possible outcome in the game.

Lastly, remember that above all else, enjoy the game as it unfolds and take your time to explore and complete all that it has to offer.

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