Final Fantasy Freya

Summary: Final Fantasy Freya is a well-loved character in the Final Fantasy franchise. As the only playable Ratkin character in the series, she is known for her loyalty, bravery and unique fighting style. In this article, we will explore the background story, combat abilities, personality traits, and overall contribution of this popular character to the Final Fantasy universe.

1. Background Story

Freya Crescent is introduced in Final Fantasy IX as a Burmecian dragon knight who owes allegiance to the Kingdom of Burmecia. Her backstory is explored throughout the game, revealing that she left her kingdom years ago to pursue the love of her life, Sir Fratley. After learning of his amnesia and disappearance, she embarks on a journey to find him, leading her to join the main protagonist Zidane and his group in their fight against evil forces.

Freya’s unwavering loyalty to her kingdom and her love for Fratley drive her actions in the game. Her determination and resilience are showcased when she returns to Burmecia, which has been destroyed by Queen Brahne of Alexandria. Despite the tragedy and personal loss, she remains committed to helping her people and restoring the kingdom.

2. Combat Abilities

Freya’s fighting style involves the use of spears and jump attacks. Her signature moves include Jump, which allows her to leap into the air and launch a powerful attack on her enemies. Dragon Breath, a special ability unique to Freya, unleashes a burst of elemental damage on all targets, making it an invaluable asset in battles with multiple enemies. Her Trance ability, Cherry Blossom, enables her to strike multiple times in quick succession, dealing massive damage.

Freya’s versatility in combat and her ability to deal heavy damage make her a popular choice among players when it comes to battles with bosses and tougher enemies.

3. Personality Traits

Freya is known for her strong personality and unwavering loyalty. Her determination to find Sir Fratley, despite the odds, highlights her perseverance and dedication to those she loves. Her interactions with other characters in the game also reveal her compassionate nature and willingness to help others, even if it means risking her own life.

Her leadership and military background are evident in her sense of duty to her kingdom – a trait that is portrayed throughout the game. Despite facing adversity and tragedy, Freya remains hopeful and optimistic, inspiring her fellow party members and demonstrating a positive outlook on life.


Final Fantasy Freya is a complex and well-crafted character that has captured the hearts of players and fans alike. Her backstory, combat abilities, and personality traits make her a standout character in the series. Whether it’s her loyalty to her kingdom, her love for Sir Fratley, or her bravery in battle, Freya is a character that players can’t help but admire. Her importance to the storyline and contribution to the Final Fantasy universe solidify her status as one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

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