Final Fantasy Hats

Summary: Final Fantasy is a popular Japanese video game franchise known for its intricate storytelling and visually stunning graphics. One of the most iconic features of Final Fantasy is their stylish and unique hats worn by various characters throughout the series. These hats serve not only as fashion statements but also hold significant meaning to the characters who wear them. This article explores the different types of Final Fantasy hats and their significance.

1. Mage Hats

Mage hats are a common sight in Final Fantasy games and are often associated with magic users. They typically have pointy tips and come in various colors. The most recognizable mage hat is the one worn by Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, which has become an icon in the franchise. The hat symbolizes the character’s magical abilities and serves as a reminder of his identity and purpose in the game’s story.

In Final Fantasy XIV, mage hats are used by players who specialize in magic classes like Black Mage, White Mage, and Summoner. The hats come in different designs and colors, making them a popular choice among players to customize their characters. Mage hats are also considered a symbol of respect among players, indicating the player’s mastery of magic classes.

The significance of mage hats in Final Fantasy extends beyond the games themselves. Fans of the franchise often cosplay as their favorite characters, complete with the distinctive mage hats. This serves as a testament to the lasting impact the games’ visual designs and aesthetics have had on pop culture.

2. Berets

Berets are another popular Final Fantasy hat that has appeared in multiple games. They are often worn by military characters or rebels and revolutionaries. Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII is perhaps the most well-known character to sport a beret. His gray beret symbolizes his membership in the elite mercenary group, SeeD.

In Final Fantasy VII, the character Red XIII wears a red bandana that doubles as a beret, symbolizing his role as a warrior and protector of his tribe. Berets serve as a symbol of strength, resilience, and independence in Final Fantasy’s lore and often signify characters who have to fight for their beliefs and survival.

Berets are also popular among cosplayers, as they are relatively easy to make and can be customized to fit any character’s design. Fans often use real-life berets as a starting point and add embellishments like pins, logos, and badges to make them more accurate to the source material.

3. Helmets

Helmets are a ubiquitous Final Fantasy hat that serves a practical purpose in game: protecting characters from enemy attacks. The helmets come in many shapes and sizes, from full-face masks to horned Viking helmets. They are worn by knight-type characters or characters who specialize in melee combat.

The most iconic helmet in the franchise is probably the one worn by the protagonist, Cloud Strife, in Final Fantasy VII. His helmet has become synonymous with the character’s cool and edgy design and is often featured in merchandise and fan art.

Helmets are harder to cosplay, as most designs are bulky and difficult to replicate accurately. However, the practicality of helmets makes them an essential accessory for any warrior-type cosplayer. Helmets also represent the character’s strength and bravery, as they often have to face overwhelming odds in battles.

4. Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are a unique Final Fantasy hat that appears in only one game: Final Fantasy VI. The cowboy hats are worn by some of the game’s characters that live in the wild west-inspired city of Jidoor, making them stand out from the franchise’s other designs.

The cowboy hats are a symbol of the city’s culture and history, emphasizing the game’s themes of diversity and multiculturalism. The cowboy hats also give the characters a distinct look, showcasing their unique personalities and backgrounds.

Cowboy hats are rarely seen in cosplay due to their obscure nature and limited appearances. However, they provide a unique challenge for cosplayers who want to showcase their love for the franchise in different ways.

5. Crowns

Crowns are a royal Final Fantasy hat that appears in several games. They are worn by characters with royal titles or leadership positions and symbolize their authority and power. The crowns often have intricate designs and jewels, making them visually striking and regal.

The most well-known crown in the franchise is probably the one worn by Princess Garnet in Final Fantasy IX. Her crown has become an icon in the franchise and represents her journey from naive princess to strong and independent queen.

Crowns serve as a symbol of royalty and nobility and often signify that the character has a responsibility to protect their kingdom and people. The grandiose design of the crowns shows that the character is not only powerful but also respected and revered by others.


Final Fantasy hats have become an integral part of the franchise’s visual design and storytelling. The hats hold significant meaning to both the characters who wear them and the players who love the franchise. From mage hats to cowboy hats, each hat has a unique design and represents different themes and ideas within the games. Cosplayers often use the hats as a way to pay homage to their favorite characters and showcase their creativity and love for the franchise.

As new games in the franchise continue to be released, it will be exciting to see what new hats and designs will be introduced and how they will contribute to Final Fantasy’s legacy as one of the most visually stunning and beloved video game franchises of all time.

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