Final Fantasy Tactics Ovelia

Summary: Final Fantasy Tactics is a well-known tactical role-playing game that has garnered a huge fanbase worldwide. It features various characters, including the princess of Ivalice, Ovelia Atkascha. Despite her seemingly calm demeanor and demure appearance, Ovelia had a significant impact on the game’s story arc. In this article, we will explore different aspects of Ovelia in Final Fantasy Tactics.

1. Ovelia as a Political Tool

Ovelia, being the princess of Ivalice, was often used as a political tool by various factions in the game. Initially, she was under the protection of Duke Larg, who used her as a means to gain control over the throne. However, after Duke Goltanna discovered Larg’s plot, he took Ovelia under his wing and used her to legitimize his own claim to the throne.

Throughout the game, Ovelia was shown as a vulnerable and fragile character, prone to manipulation by those around her. However, towards the end of the game, she gains some agency and starts making decisions for herself. Her transformation from a passive figure to an active participant in the story enhances her character development and makes her more relatable to players.

Overall, Ovelia’s portrayal as a political tool highlights the corruption and instability of the Ivalice monarchy, adding depth and nuance to the game’s narrative.

2. Ovelia’s Relationship with Delita

One of the most fascinating aspects of Ovelia’s character is her relationship with Delita Hyral, one of the game’s main protagonists. Initially, Delita is assigned to protect Ovelia, but as the game progresses, their relationship develops into something much more complicated.

Ovelia’s sisterly affection towards Delita eventually turns into romantic feelings, which Delita uses to his advantage. He manipulates her emotionally and convinces her to marry him, claiming that he wants to use their union to create a better world for both of them. However, it is later revealed that Delita had ulterior motives, and his true goal was to gain power and control over Ivalice.

Ovelia’s relationship with Delita adds a layer of tragedy to the game’s story, emphasizing the destructive consequences of power-hungry individuals.

3. Ovelia’s Role as a Healer

In terms of gameplay, Ovelia is a healer class character in Final Fantasy Tactics. She has access to various restorative spells, making her an essential member of any player’s team. Her role as a healer in the game reflects her nurturing and caring nature, further emphasizing her kind and gentle disposition.

Furthermore, Ovelia’s healing abilities also serve as a metaphor for her ability to heal emotional wounds. Throughout the game, many characters struggle with personal demons and traumatic experiences. Ovelia, with her compassionate nature, readily lends an ear and a helping hand to those in need.

Overall, Ovelia’s role as a healer highlights her compassion and kindness, making her stand out among other characters in the game.

4. Ovelia’s Character Design

Aside from her personality and role in the game’s story, Ovelia is also notable for her character design. Her appearance is striking, with her long blonde hair and delicate features. She wears a white dress with gold trimmings, further emphasizing her regal status as a princess.

However, beneath her demure exterior lies a steely resolve and inner strength, making her character design a perfect representation of her personality. Her appearance serves to enhance her characterization and make her stand out amidst other characters.

Moreover, Ovelia’s design also showcases the attention to detail that Square Enix, the game’s developers, puts into their games. Every aspect, from her clothing to her hair and facial features, is meticulously crafted, making her a visually stunning character.

5. Ovelia’s Legacy

Despite only being a supporting character in Final Fantasy Tactics, Ovelia has left a lasting impact on players. Her vulnerability, kindness, and inner strength are characteristics that many players resonate with, making her an important part of the game’s lore.

Ovelia has also appeared in various spin-off games and adaptations of the Final Fantasy franchise, further cementing her legacy as a beloved character. Her enduring popularity is a testament to the quality of her characterization both in terms of story and gameplay.

Overall, Ovelia’s legacy showcases the importance of well-developed and relatable characters in storytelling, especially in video game narratives.


Ovelia Atkascha is a crucial character in Final Fantasy Tactics, with her role as a political tool, her relationship with Delita, her role as a healer, her striking character design, and her lasting legacy all contributing to her significance in the game. Her characterization showcases the depth and nuance that video game narratives can achieve, and her enduring legacy amongst fans proves that relatable characters can make all the difference in a story.

Whether you love or hate her, there’s no denying that Ovelia is one of the most memorable characters in the Final Fantasy franchise, and her impact on the game’s story and lore cannot be understated.

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