Final Fantasy Tactics White Mage

Summary: Final Fantasy Tactics is a beloved tactical RPG game that features various character classes, including the White Mage. This article will explore the role and abilities of the White Mage class in Final Fantasy Tactics.

1. The Role of a White Mage

A White Mage in Final Fantasy Tactics is a healer class with access to a wide range of supportive spells. Their main role is to keep the party alive by restoring HP and curing status ailments like Poison and Petrify. White Mages are essential for surviving tougher battles against enemies with strong offensive abilities or status-inflicting attacks.

To become a White Mage in Final Fantasy Tactics, a character needs to have Priest as their primary job class, along with at least 2 levels in Wizard. This allows them to learn White Magic spells such as Cure, Protect, and Raise.

2. Supportive Spells

White Mages have access to a variety of supportive spells that can boost the party’s defenses and restore lost HP. One of their most important spells is Cure, which restores a single target’s HP by a moderate amount. As the spell level increases, so does its effectiveness.

Protect is another useful spell for a White Mage as it raises the physical defense of a single target. This spell is particularly helpful against enemies that rely on physical attacks like melee fighters and archers. In addition, Shell is a magical defense-boosting spell that can be cast on a single target, making it ideal for mages that need extra protection from enemy spells.

3. Holy Magic Abilities

One of the unique aspects of White Mages in Final Fantasy Tactics is their ability to use Holy Magic spells. These spells are powerful attacks that deal massive damage to undead enemies like Zombies and Skeletons. One of the most powerful Holy spells is Holy, which deals a massive amount of holy damage to all undead enemies on the battlefield.

Aside from damage dealing abilities, Holy Magic spells can also heal the caster by absorbing HP from undead enemies. This ability, known as Drain, allows a White Mage to recover HP while dealing damage to their enemies.


The White Mage class in Final Fantasy Tactics is a valuable addition to any tactical RPG party. With a wide range of supportive and healing spells, as well as powerful Holy Magic abilities, a White Mage can keep the party alive and deal significant damage to undead enemies. Overall, a White Mage is an essential job class that every Final Fantasy Tactics player should consider incorporating into their party composition.

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