Final Fantasy Tcg Resurgence Of Power

Final Fantasy TCG: Resurgence of Power

After a few years of relative calm, the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (FFTCG) is making waves again with its newest set: Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance. This new set, also known as Resurgence of Power, contains powerful cards that are shaking up the meta and making it more exciting for both casual and competitive players. In this article, we’ll cover some of the exciting highlights of this new set and what they mean for the FFTCG community.


The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is back with a new set: Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance, known as Resurgence of Power. This set contains powerful cards that are causing excitement in the FFTCG community. This article will explore some of these highlights and their significance.

h3: New Keywords and Abilities

One of the biggest draws of Resurgence of Power is the introduction of new keywords and abilities that have not been seen in previous sets. Some of these abilities include Brave, EX Burst, and the newer Impact ability, which basically allows players to perform multiple actions at once. One card in particular, called “Zalera, the Death Seraph”, allows players to discard all forward cards in their opponent’s field with a specific power level, which can essentially clear out an entire field if used at the right moment.

Other notable cards with new abilities include “Emperor Xande,” who has an effect called “Catastrophe,” a new keyword that allows characters with that ability to break all backups opposed to opponent has, and “Edge” who has an effect called “Smoke Bomb” that allows him to avoid damage from specific types of opponents. All these new abilities and keywords provide new strategies for players to tinker with and excel in the game.

h3: Power Creep and Changes to the Meta-game

Of course, not all new cards are created equal, and some have more of an impact on the game than others. Some FFTCG players have voiced concerns over power creep, particularly with a few new powerhouses such as “Gilgamesh FFI” and “Exdeath FFI & XIV” that overshadow many other cards in the same category.

In addition to these powerful cards, Resurgence of Power also introduces positive changes to the meta, shaking things up and making the game more interesting for old and new players alike. One change is the introduction of new color combinations, including exclusive Legends and rare dual colored cards that provide new strategies, threats, and responses to adapt to the game’s developments.

h3: Analysis of Card Prices

As expected, card prices experienced a climb after the set’s release, with some of the most powerful cards in high demand. In general, FFTCG cards maintain their value well and are less prone to rapid spikes and drops as seen in other TCGs. Players can expect to acquire some of the more powerful cards in this set for around $10 or slightly above. However, those who invest in booster boxes or cases can expect a better deal overall, and less desired cards may be acquired at a reduced rate as well.


The release of Resurgence of Power has reminded FFTCG players why they love this trading card game. With new abilities, keywords, and color combinations, it provides new opportunities for players to craft creative decks and effective strategies while keeping the game fresh and exciting for both casual and competitive players. Although some concerns have been raised over certain powerful cards that overshadow others, this does not detract from the overall excitement and anticipation generated by this latest installment of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

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