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Summary: Final Fantasy is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, and its presence on YouTube is substantial. From Let’s Plays to analysis videos, fans of Final Fantasy can find a variety of content on the platform that delves into their favorite games in exciting ways.

1. Lore Explained

One of the most popular types of Final Fantasy videos on YouTube is lore explanation videos. These videos dive deep into the stories and characters of each Final Fantasy game to provide context and understanding for fans. They typically feature a narrator who goes through each game chapter by chapter, explaining the plot points and character motivations along the way.

These videos are popular among fans who want a refresher on the story or insight into characters they may have missed. They’re also great for newcomers who want to understand the lore of the games before diving in.

Some of the best channels for lore explained videos include The Game Theorists, Final Fantasy Peasant, and Maximilian Dood.

2. Let’s Plays

Let’s Play videos are also quite popular within the Final Fantasy YouTube community. These videos involve a creator playing through the game and providing commentary along the way. Some Let’s Players focus on speedruns while others take their time with the game, going for 100% completion.

These videos are great for fans who want to watch someone else play through the game while also getting some entertaining commentary. They can also be helpful for players who may be stuck on a difficult section and need help progressing through the game.

Some great Final Fantasy Let’s Players include Cryaotic, Materwelonz, and NicoB.

3. Analysis Videos

Analysis videos are another type of Final Fantasy content that fans can find on YouTube. These videos explore various aspects of the games, from the development process to the symbolism within them. They’re typically more in-depth than the other types of content on this list and provide some insightful analysis for fans.

These videos can be great for fans who want to delve deeper into the games and understand them on a deeper level. They can also be helpful for people writing academic papers on video games or creating video content themselves.

Some of the best channels for analysis videos include SuperButterBuns, Lore Solved, and FF Peasant.

4. Fan-Made Videos

The Final Fantasy community is not just limited to official content. Many fans create their own videos, whether it’s fan fiction, music covers, or fan art showcases. These videos can be a fun way to engage with the fan community and see what others have created.

Additionally, fan-made videos can also provide some unique perspectives on the games themselves. They may focus on specific characters or elements of the games that official content creators haven’t explored yet.

Some channels that specialize in fan-made content include Shard Films, Hidden Item, and Studio MANGAWEAPON.


In summary, the Final Fantasy YouTube community is vast, with countless creators producing content that appeals to a variety of fans. Whether you’re interested in lore explanations, Let’s Plays, analysis videos, or fan-made content, there’s something on YouTube for everyone. So if you’re a fan of the series or just getting started, be sure to check out the wealth of Final Fantasy content available on the platform.

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