Fire Emblem Engage Best Bond Rings

Summary: In Fire Emblem Engage, the bond ring is an essential feature that allows units to build stronger relationships with each other. These relationships unlock unique conversation scenes and stat bonuses during battle. Here are some of the best bond rings to use in the game.

1. Supportive Bond Rings

The support bond rings are helpful for healers or units with supportive skills. The Fortune bond ring increases the luck of the unit, which can help in evading enemy attacks or landing critical attacks. The Relief bond ring decreases the damage received by the unit, which can be helpful when using support skills like healing or rallying. Lastly, the Life bond ring provides additional health points to the unit, which can be useful when the healer isn’t close enough for quick heals.

Using these supportive bond rings on your support units can make them more effective in battle, especially when paired with other units that have strong offensive abilities.

However, it’s important to note that these bond rings are not very useful for offensive units that deal heavy damage or have high speed. It’s better to focus on bond rings that enhance their combat abilities instead.

2. Offensive Bond Rings

For units that focus on offense, there are a few bond rings that can enhance their abilities in battle. The Fury bond ring increases the attack power of the unit at the cost of taking more damage. This can be useful if you have a unit that has a lot of health or has great defensive abilities.

The Wrath bond ring increases the critical hit rate of the unit. This can be very helpful if you have a unit that has high critical rate stats or has a weapon with high critical damage.

Lastly, the Vengeance bond ring increases the damage dealt by unit, but also decreases its accuracy. This can be a risky ring to use, but it can work great with units that have high accuracy stats or have weapons that have higher critical damage rates.

3. Balanced Bond Rings

If you’re looking for a bond ring that balances both offense and defense, there are a few options available as well. The Miracle bond ring gives the unit a chance to survive fatal attacks with only one health point remaining. This can be very helpful if you have a unit that has high health and defense stats, but is lacking in speed or evasion.

The Guardian bond ring increases the defense of the unit, but also requires the unit to receive more damage. This can be useful if you have a unit that is used to taking a lot of damage already, and just needs an extra boost to its defensive abilities.

The Paragon bond ring increases the experience points gained by the unit, which can be helpful for leveling up faster and becoming stronger overall. This bond ring is especially useful in the early stages of the game.

4. Story-Based Bond Rings

Lastly, there are a few bond rings that are tied to specific characters and their storylines. The Hero bond ring is obtained through Chrom’s storyline and increases the attack power and accuracy of the unit. The Sun bond ring is obtained through Lucina’s storyline and provides a boost in avoidability and resistance.

The Night bond ring is obtained through Owain’s storyline and increases the unit’s critical hit rate and skill. These bond rings are unique to certain characters and can only be obtained by completing their specific storyline.


Choosing the right bond ring for your units is important in Fire Emblem Engage. The bond rings can greatly enhance a unit’s abilities in battle, and unlock unique conversations during support conversations. Consider the abilities of your units and their roles in battle, and choose a bond ring that complements their strengths or helps balance their weaknesses.

Experiment with different bond rings and see which ones work best for you and your play style in Fire Emblem Engage.

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