Forge Of Empires Guild Battlegrounds

Summary: Forge of Empires is a popular online strategy game where players build their own city and interact with other players. One of the latest features added to the game is Guild Battlegrounds. This new addition allows guilds to compete against each other in battles to claim territory on a world map.

1. Understanding Guild Battlegrounds

Guild Battlegrounds is a new event in Forge of Empires that allows guilds to battle against each other for control over territories on the Battlegrounds map. The map is gradually revealed as guilds explore and conquer new areas. Each territory contains different types of resources, and in order to achieve victory, your guild must control more territories than your opponent.

To start competing in this event, you need to join or create a guild. Once a player has joined a guild, they can participate in any Guild Battlegrounds the guild is involved in. Guilds are matched based on their rank, so the competition will be fair. To win a battle, you need to take control of the majority of the flagpoles on the map. If your guild controls more flagpoles than your opponent at the end of a round, you’re the winner!

2. Benefits of participating in Guild Battlegrounds

Participating in Guild Battlegrounds not only helps a guild’s rankings but also provides individual rewards. Players receive a Medal of Honor, Battle Points, and Guild Power every time they participate in the event. At the end of a battleground event, guilds that ranked in the top three positions will earn additional rewards such as diamonds, medals, and more artifacts for their guild treasury.

Additionally, you can gain access to exclusive units available only to Guild Battlegrounds. These powerful units can be earned by winning battles and completing objectives during the event. Finally, contributing to your guild’s victories and participating in battles will increase the overall morale level of the guild. This, in turn, will grant your city bonuses such as increased production rates for goods or lower recruitment times for troops.

3. Tips for winning in Guild Battlegrounds

To win in Guild Battlegrounds, you need to have a coordinated strategy with your guild. Start by choosing different areas to conquer to gain access to different resources. Communication within your team is also critical, make sure everyone has clear instructions on what to do. When it’s time to attack, coordinate the effort to overwhelm your opponents in one specific area.

The layout of the battleground can be complicated, so prepare your army accordingly. Crossbows and artillery units are effective for ranged attacks, while mercenaries can be used as a front line to block enemy attacks. Keep in mind that you should always choose the right units for the task at hand and make sure every citizen in your town has a good army ready to go at all times.


Guild Battlegrounds in Forge of Empires is an exciting new feature that allows players to engage in a fierce competition with other guilds to fight for control over territories on a world map. Participating in Guild Battlegrounds provides a multitude of benefits, including rewards, exclusive units, and bonuses for your city. However, to succeed in this event, coordination, communication, and strategy with your guild members are crucial to claim victory in the battle.

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