Hearthstone Battlegrounds Naga

Summary: Naga is a popular tribe in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. It is known for its synergy with divine shields and is a top-performing tribe in the meta. In this article, we will explore the features of Naga and how to use them to your advantage.

1. Synergy with divine shields

Naga has a natural synergy with divine shield minions. This is because of its hero power, which gives minions with divine shield +1/+1. The additional stats make divine shield minions even stronger, allowing them to last longer in battles and deal more damage. Pairing Naga with divine shield minions can create a strong board that is difficult for opponents to break.

In addition to the hero power, Naga has access to many powerful divine shield cards such as Bolvar, Fireblood and Righteous Protector. These cards have the potential to grow exponentially in size with each divine shield they gain, making them formidable fighters on the board.

2. Quick scaling potential

Naga has the potential to scale quickly due to the strong buffs it provides to its minions. With the right set of minions, Naga can quickly grow its board to create a dominant force. This makes it a solid pick for players who want to build a strong board early on in the game.

Having a strong early board also allows players to conserve health, as they can potentially win battles without taking any damage. This is crucial in the current meta, where every point of health counts towards winning the game.

3. Weaknesses and counter strategies

While Naga has formidable strength, it does have weaknesses that can be exploited by opponents. One such weakness is its dependence on divine shield minions. If opponents are able to remove divine shield minions early on, it can significantly weaken Naga’s board. Additionally, Naga is weak against poisonous minions, as they can quickly take out divine shield minions.

As a counter strategy, opponents can focus on building a board with strong single-target removals and poisonous minions. This forces Naga to either adapt its strategy or suffer significant losses in battles.


Naga is a dominant tribe in the current Hearthstone Battlegrounds meta, thanks to its synergy with divine shield minions and quick scaling potential. As with any strategy, it has its weaknesses that can be exploited by opponents. However, with the right set of cards and a good understanding of the meta, Naga can be a formidable force capable of winning battles and dominating the board.

Overall, Naga is an excellent pick for players who enjoy building strong boards early on in the game, and who are looking for a tribe with high potential for growth and strength. To succeed with Naga, players must be aware of its weaknesses and the strategies that opponents can use to counter it, but with practice and careful play, Naga can prove to be one of the strongest tribes in the game.

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