Hogwarts Legacy Keeps Closing

Summary: Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming open-world action role-playing video game developed by Avalanche Software. However, some players have reported that the game keeps closing for unknown reasons. This article will examine five possible explanations for this issue and provide some troubleshooting tips.

1. System Requirements

One reason why Hogwarts Legacy might be closing unexpectedly is because of your computer’s system requirements. If your computer’s hardware does not meet the minimum requirements, the game might not function properly or may even crash. Therefore, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to play the game.

Another reason is related to the driver. Making sure that the graphics, sound, and network drivers are up-to-date is a must. Some components your computer uses when running the game may be malfunctioning, causing the game to close unexpectedly. Updating the drivers can resolve the problem.

Finally, if the game still crashes despite meeting the minimum system requirements, it might be time to upgrade some of your computer’s components. The game runs smoothly without any issues once it meets the recommended requirements.

2. Bugs and Glitches

The game may be closing due to bugs and glitches that cause the system to malfunction. These issues may occur when using a mod, or maybe it is simply a technical issue in the game’s code. If Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t seem to work correctly, try uninstalling any modifications installed in the game to see whether that resolves the problem.

If you’re still experiencing problems despite removing the mods, look for bug fixes or official patches from the game’s developers. Developers often issue patches to address common concerns that players are reporting. Therefore, regularly install patches as they become accessible to stabilize the game’s performance.

Finally, if the game continues to fail and closes, you can try running it in compatibility mode. This mode can help the game run with fewer issues.

3. Antivirus and Firewalls

If your computer’s antivirus settings are incorrect, it might detect certain game files as a virus, prompting the application to close. Make sure that any antivirus software on your computer permits Hogwarts Legacy to operate correctly.

You should also make sure your firewall settings permit the game to access your computer’s network. When the firewall settings are strict, they can prevent some applications from connecting to the internet, resulting in frequent crashes.

Ensure that the appropriate firewall rules are added for Hogwarts Legacy, or you may deactivate your firewall temporarily to test whether it makes any difference.

4. Background Applications

Giving extra load to your system might be a factor in the game crashing. Background applications and utilities you’ve downloaded and installed may cause damage to the computer, impairing your game’s performance or causing it to crash. Ensure that all applications other than the game itself are closed when playing Hogwarts Legacy.

When your computer is dealing with various tasks simultaneously, there could be an overuse of system resources, causing the game to crash unexpectedly. If no other applications are interfering with your game, try ending processes that are still running in the background before running the game and see if this improves its stability.

You can use task Manager to find all the background apps that are still running but not necessary.

5. Corrupt Game File

A corrupted game file may cause Hogwarts Legacy to close abruptly. The issue may arise out of nowhere or after an update. If this happens, uninstall and reinstall the game to correct any problems with the game file’s storing location. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game restore any lost or corrupted data, ensuring that the game runs smoothly.

If the problem persists, look for corrupted files in the game. Check each file’s legitimacy and see if removing it results in the game working as expected.

Also, verify the game files’ integrity often to maintain their uniformity and legality. The more you play, the more reasonable it is to check them regularly.


In conclusion, frequent game crashes are frustrating and disruptive. This article has highlighted five potential causes of Hogwarts Legacy frequently closing. You can do things like ensuring your computer meets the minimum requirements, disabling background applications, and checking antivirus settings, updating drivers to try to resolve frequent crashes. Remember these simple tips to improve your gaming experience with Hogwarts Legacy and possibly any other game with similar issues..

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