Hogwarts Legacy Werewolf Tapestry

Summary: The upcoming videogame, Hogwarts Legacy, will feature the werewolf tapestry, an important artifact in the wizarding world. This tapestry holds the names of past and present werewolves, revealing that they are not as rare as previously thought.

1. The History of the Werewolf Tapestry

The origin of the werewolf tapestry is unknown, but it has been in the possession of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for centuries. The tapestry holds a significant place in the wizarding world due to its display of werewolf heritage. It has been updated over time with new names of those who have contracted lycanthropy, allowing for the tracking of werewolves throughout history. As werewolves were often ostracized and discriminated against in the wizarding community, the tapestry serves as a reminder of their existence and contribution to wizarding history. Despite its controversial nature, the tapestry is considered a valuable piece of magical history.

In the late 1700s, the tapestry was used as evidence in a high-profile trial against a group of werewolves who were accused of attacking several villagers. The tapestry was able to prove that the werewolves who committed the crimes were not part of the Hogwarts community and were therefore tried by Muggles instead of the Ministry of Magic.

2. Significance of the Tapestry in Hogwarts Legacy

In the upcoming video game, Hogwarts Legacy, players will be able to interact with the werewolf tapestry and learn about the various werewolves in the wizarding world. The game is set in the 1800s, and players will be able to explore Hogwarts and its surroundings during this time period. The werewolf tapestry will feature prominently in one of the game’s missions, where players will need to search for a particular name on the tapestry in order to complete the task. The tapestry will also provide information about werewolf culture in the wizarding world, allowing players to learn about their history and place in society.

The inclusion of the werewolf tapestry in Hogwarts Legacy highlights the game’s dedication to staying true to the rich history and lore of the Harry Potter universe. By adding this artifact as a key component of the game, players will be able to delve deeper into the wizarding world and explore the intricacies of its culture and society

3. Controversy Surrounding the Werewolf Tapestry

Despite its significance in the wizarding world, the werewolf tapestry has been the subject of controversy over the years. Many have criticized the tapestry for singling out and ostracizing those who are afflicted with lycanthropy, as well as perpetuating harmful stereotypes about werewolves. Others argue that the tapestry serves as an important reminder of the struggles and discrimination that werewolves face in the wizarding world.

Moreover, in the recent past, individuals have attempted to deface or destroy the tapestry, either out of hatred for werewolves or as an act of rebellion against the wizarding establishment. This has led to increased security measures to protect the artifact from further damage, such as spells to ward off curses and hexes.


In conclusion, the werewolf tapestry is a significant artifact in the Harry Potter universe, used to track the lineage of werewolves throughout history. Its inclusion in the upcoming video game, Hogwarts Legacy, provides players with a unique opportunity to learn more about werewolves and their place in wizarding society. Despite its controversial nature, the tapestry serves as a valuable reminder of the struggles and discrimination that werewolves face in the wizarding world and highlights the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in a diverse community.

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