How Long Does Atomic Heart Take To Beat

How Long Does Atomic Heart Take to Beat?

If you are a gamer, one of the most crucial questions that come to mind is how long a game takes to beat. In this article, we will answer the question: How long does Atomic Heart take to beat? Atomic Heart is an action role-playing video game under development by Mundfish. The game is set in an alternative universe during the Soviet Union era. Players take on the role of a KGB officer investigating a secret facility that has gone dark. With the release date approaching, gamers want to know how long it will take them to beat the game.

1. Main Story

The main story is the primary aspect of any video game. It narrates the protagonist’s journey and his quest to accomplish something or save someone. In Atomic Heart, players follow the journey of a KGB officer investigating a research facility in the Soviet Union that has gone dark. The game is expected to have a compelling storyline loaded with twists and turns that make the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. The average playtime for the main storyline falls between 15-25 hours. Factors like difficulty level, player experience, exploration, and side quests could affect playtime.

Atomic Heart has a nonlinear storyline that allows players to follow different character paths, adding to the game’s replayability. Thus, the actual time required to complete the game depends on the path players choose. However, completing the main storyline alone cannot give players a full experience of what the game entails. For that reason, players need to explore the game environment, participate in side quests, and engage in combat with enemies to understand more about the game.

2. Exploration

The game world comprises different environments that players can explore. The game developers designed each level with detail to embark players on a thrilling adventure as they navigate different environments. Players can engage in activities like combat and interaction with NPCs as they explore the game world. Besides, players can find different collectibles distributed throughout the game world, adding to the game’s replayability factor. The actual time it takes to explore the game environment depends on the player’s experience and curiosity, although on average, it takes about 10-15 hours.

Exploration adds an extra dimension to the game and allows players to experience the game world’s depth. Players can interact with NPCs in the game world, some of whom provide side quests that lead to rewards. Completing side quests affects the gameplay by unlocking new abilities and weapons, which improve the overall gaming experience. Therefore, exploring and completing side quests add to the overall time it takes to beat Atomic Heart.

3. Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of any game affects the time gamers take to complete the game. Atomic Heart has four different difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and survival. Each difficulty level has its challenges and elements that affect the gameplay experience. Easy mode provides players with certain assists, such as increased health regeneration, enemy AI reduction, and ammo increase. On the other hand, survival mode provides players with the highest difficulty level, where every decision players make has to consider the consequences.

The difficulty level a player chooses depends on their gaming experience, with experienced players gravitating towards harder levels. The harder the difficulty level, the longer it takes to beat Atomic Heart. This is because harder levels require players to repeat some sections of the game until they accomplish their purpose, resulting in increased playtime.


In conclusion, Atomic Heart is an action-packed video game with a compelling storyline set in an alternative universe. It takes approximately 15-25 hours to beat the main storyline, with additional gameplay time added by exploration, side quests, and difficulty level. However, playtime may vary depending on factors such as player experience, difficulty level, combat prowess, exploration depth, and character path. Regardless of the time it takes to beat Atomic Heart, gamers have something to look forward to as they play through the thrilling game.

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