How Many Caves In Sons Of The Forest


Sons of the Forest is a survival video game that is set in an open world environment with lots of caves to explore. The game is a sequel to The Forest, which was released back in 2018. Players are tasked with exploring the forest and discovering the mysteries behind it while keeping themselves alive against hostile wild animals, mutants, and cannibals. In this article, we will discuss how many caves are in Sons of the Forest.

The Number of Caves in Sons of The Forest:

In the previous game, The Forest, there were around 170 caves in the game. However, in Sons of the Forest, the number of caves has significantly increased. According to the developers of the game, Endnight Games, there are over 1000 handcrafted caves in Sons of the Forest. This means that there are a lot more caves to explore and secrets to uncover in the game.

The Types of Caves in Sons of The Forest:

The caves in Sons of the Forest come in various shapes and sizes. Some caves are deep and wide, while others are narrow and cramped. Some caves are also interconnected, forming a complex network of tunnels that players can explore. Moreover, there are different types of caves in Sons of the Forest, such as water-filled caves, lava caves, ice caves, and mushroom caves. Each of these types of caves has its unique challenges and rewards.

The Rewards of Exploring Caves:

Exploring caves in Sons of the Forest can be very rewarding. Players can find valuable resources like metal ores, crystals, and gems in the caves. They can also find weapons and tools that can help them survive in the game. Additionally, there are important story elements and clues that players can discover in the caves. The lore of the game is heavily tied to the caves, and players can learn a lot about the game’s world by exploring them.

The Dangers of Exploring Caves:

While the rewards of exploring caves in Sons of the Forest are considerable, there are also many dangers to watch out for. Players can encounter hostile creatures like bats, spiders, and mutants in the caves. Moreover, some caves can be dark and suffocating, making it hard for players to navigate through them. Environmental hazards like falling rocks, floods, and cave-ins can also pose a significant threat to players inside the caves.

Tips for Exploring Caves in Sons of The Forest:

To make the most out of exploring caves in Sons of the Forest, here are some tips that players can follow:

  • Bring a reliable source of light, such as a torch or a lantern, to navigate dark caves.
  • Wear protective clothing to mitigate the effects of toxic gases or extreme temperatures inside the caves.
  • Carry a weapon or tool that can break through obstacles like rocks or walls.
  • Always have a backup food and water supply, as some caves may take a while to explore.
  • Travel with a companion or a group of friends, as exploring caves alone can be dangerous.


In conclusion, Sons of the Forest boasts over 1000 handcrafted caves for players to explore. With various types of caves and different rewards and dangers associated with each, exploring the caves is a crucial part of the game. Players should be prepared for the challenges ahead and use the tips mentioned above to make the most out of their cave exploration experience.

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