How To Cook Food In Sons Of The Forest

Summary: Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that requires players to gather resources, build shelter, and cook food in order to survive. In this article, we will provide tips on how to effectively cook food in Sons of the Forest.

1. Understanding Hunger and Nutrition

In Sons of the Forest, your character needs to eat in order to maintain his energy level. A lack of food can result in negative consequences such as reduced stamina and weak health. It is important to understand that not all foods are created equal. For example, some foods contribute more to your hunger bar, while others give you more nutrition. Aim to have a balanced diet by consuming a variety of different foods.

2. Gathering Food

The first step to cooking food in Sons of the Forest is to gather ingredients. Players can find various sources of food throughout the game such as berries, fish, turtles, and deer. Some resources like mushrooms and plants require players to use a Survival Guide book to identify if they are edible or poisonous. While hunting animals is a great way to get protein and fats, players need to be cautious of their surroundings and avoid getting attacked. Use stealth tactics and traps to catch prey to reduce the risk of getting hurt.

3. Building a Cooking Station

Once you have gathered enough food, it’s time to start cooking. To cook food in Sons of the Forest, you need to build a cooking station. You can accomplish this by using a crafting mat or workbench to build a fire pit. After building the fire pit, place a grill rack over the fire and press the “E” key to interact with the grill. Players need to ensure that they have added enough logs or sticks to the fire in order for it to stay lit long enough to cook the food on the grill.

4. Preparing and Cooking Food

Before cooking food, players need to wash the meat in a water source like a lake or river to remove any impurities. Once the meat is cleaned, select it from your inventory and interact with the fire pit. You will see a “Cook” option appear. Press the “Cook” button and wait for the food to cook. The amount of time it takes to cook food varies based on the type of food and its current condition. Be sure to keep an eye on the food as it cooks to avoid burning or overcooking it.

5. Storing Food

Once the food is cooked, it will be added to your inventory. If you don’t eat it right away, make sure to store it properly. Food can spoil in Sons of the Forest, and spoiled food can cause negative effects when consumed. Players can use a drying rack or a smoker to preserve food. Drying racks are used for fruits and meats to eventually turn them into Jerky or plain dried items. Players can also use a smoker to produce a smoked item that lasts comparatively longer than the other methods.


In conclusion, cooking food in Sons of the Forest is an essential part of the game. By understanding hunger and nutrition, gathering food, building a cooking station, preparing and cooking food, and storing food properly, players can not only feed themselves and maintain their energy levels but also reduce the chances of getting sick, thereby helping them last longer in the game. With these tips in mind, survival in Sons of the Forest becomes a more achievable goal.

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