How To Draw Minecraft Cat

Summary: Drawing Minecraft cats can seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of practice and patience, anyone can create their own feline friends. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of drawing a Minecraft cat, from understanding its anatomy to adding details that bring your drawing to life.

1. Understanding the Anatomy of a Minecraft Cat

The first step in drawing a Minecraft cat is to understand its anatomy. Minecraft cats have a square head with large square ears. Their bodies are small and square with four small legs. Their tails are long and thin, often curling at the end, and their eyes are large and round.

When drawing a Minecraft cat, it’s important to keep these features in mind. Take note of the proportions of each part of their body and ensure they align with other parts. A good way to do this is by sketching basic shapes for the head, body, legs, and tail before adding details.

Another important detail to note is the fur on their bodies. Minecraft cats have short, smooth fur that covers their entire body. To draw the fur, create short, straight lines that follow the contour of the cat’s body, making sure to not make them too long or too curvy.

2. Sketching the Basic Shapes

Now that you understand the anatomy of a Minecraft cat, it’s time to start drawing. Begin by sketching the basic shapes of the cat’s head, body, legs, and tail. Use light pencil strokes and keep the shapes simple, focusing on getting the proportions right.

Once you have the basic shapes, begin connecting them together, following the contours of the cat’s body. Make sure to keep the overall shape square, as this is a defining feature of Minecraft creatures. Start adding details like the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, making sure they align with the basic shapes you’ve sketched out.

Don’t worry too much about making your drawing perfect at this stage – it’s just a rough sketch to give you an idea of the positioning of each body part. Once you have the basic outline of the cat, it’s time to start adding details and refining your drawing.

3. Adding Details to Your Minecraft Cat

With the basic shapes and proportions in place, it’s time to start adding more details to your Minecraft cat. Begin by adding fur to the cat’s body using short, straight lines. Remember to keep the fur short and well-defined, as this is a defining characteristic of Minecraft animals.

Next, add details to the cat’s face, like its eyes, nose, and mouth. Use round shapes for the eyes and nose, and a simple line for the mouth. Make sure the eyes are large and expressive, as this will give your cat personality. Also, add the cat’s whiskers, which should be long and thin.

Finally, add the cat’s tail and legs, making sure they’re well-proportioned and aligned with the rest of the body. Add paw pads to the bottom of each leg, and don’t forget to make the tail curl at the end.

4. Choosing Colors for Your Minecraft Cat

Once you’ve finished sketching and adding details to your Minecraft cat, it’s time to choose its colors. Luckily, Minecraft cats have a limited color palette, so this shouldn’t be too difficult!

Begin by coloring the cat’s fur using a light grey or white shade. Then, add black markings to the ears, tail, and legs. The cat’s eyes should be green, and its nose and paw pads should be pink.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with different colors for your Minecraft cat. Just make sure to keep the colors muted and within the game’s color palette to ensure it fits in seamlessly.

5. Adding Details to the Background

Now that your Minecraft cat is finished, it’s time to add details to the background to bring your drawing to life. Consider adding grass or a dirt block beneath your cat, or maybe a tree or another Minecraft animal in the background.

Adding details to the background will make your drawing feel more complete and add depth to the overall composition of the piece. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to practice drawing other Minecraft elements!


With these five key steps, anyone can draw their very own Minecraft cat. Understanding the anatomy of the cat, sketching out basic shapes, adding details and color, and finally adding details to the background will result in a well-formed drawing that any Minecraft fan will appreciate. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it, and soon you’ll be drawing Minecraft cats like a pro!

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