How To Fast Travel Hogwarts Legacy

Summary: Fast traveling provides the convenience of moving quickly from one location to another in Hogwarts Legacy. This article is a guide on how to fast travel in the game.

1. Find the Fast Travel Points

In order to fast travel, players must first find the fast travel points throughout the game. These points are marked on the map with an icon that resembles the Hogwarts crest. Once found, simply walk up to the glowing point to activate it.

There are numerous fast travel points scattered throughout Hogwarts and its surrounding areas. Some can be found inside buildings while others are located outside. Be sure to keep an eye out for them as you explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

2. Access the Fast Travel Menu

Once players have activated a fast travel point, they can access the fast travel menu by opening the map and pressing the button prompt indicated. This will bring up a list of all available fast travel locations.

Select the desired location to which you want to fast travel. The option to fast travel will only be available to locations you’ve previously visited.

3. Benefits of Using Fast Travel

Using fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy offers many benefits. For starters, it saves players time, allowing them to quickly move between locations without having to traverse the entire area on foot. This is especially helpful during quests or when you need to revisit previously-explored areas.

Additionally, using fast travel reduces the chance of encountering hostile beasts or enemies lurking in the area. Players can avoid combat and focus on completing objectives safely and efficiently.


Fast traveling is an essential skill for any player of Hogwarts Legacy. With it, players can explore the vast world of Hogwarts more quickly, efficiently, and safely. Be sure to seek out fast travel points by exploring the area, and don’t hesitate to use fast travel to your advantage.

In summary, finding fast travel points in Hogwarts Legacy is the first step in enabling fast travel. Accessing the fast travel menu and selecting a destination is the second. Finally, fast travel offers many benefits, such as saving time and avoiding danger. Players should use this skill wisely to optimize their gameplay experience throughout the game.

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