How To Free Play Lego Star Wars

Summary: Lego Star Wars is a popular action game enjoyed by players of all ages. With a variety of levels and characters to choose from, it can be challenging to free play all the content. Here are some tips to help players unlock all the secrets of the game.

1. Master All Characters and Abilities

To succeed in Lego Star Wars, players must be able to switch between various characters and use their unique abilities to progress through levels. It’s essential to master each character and their respective powers, which include hacking terminals, grappling, and force manipulation. Freeplay mode allows players to experiment with different combinations of these abilities and characters to reach hidden areas and collectibles. Players can also use extras earned through gameplay to customize their characters further.

Lego Star Wars features more than 150 characters, including fan favorites like Darth Vader, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker. To unlock them all, players must complete specific missions, find minikits and red power bricks. Additionally, many characters have multiple variations based on different costumes or iterations in the Star Wars universe.

2. Explore Every Corner

Exploring every corner of each level is crucial to finding all the hidden collectibles in Lego Star Wars. In free play mode, players should revisit previously completed levels with different character combinations to reach previously inaccessible areas. Some levels have secret rooms that require specific characters or abilities to enter. Collecting minikits and red power bricks not only unlocks new characters but also grants players extras that boost gameplay, like invincibility or unlimited stud collection.

In addition to main levels, players should explore the Star Wars hub world to discover additional secrets. The hub includes several areas, each with its unique challenges and rewards. There are numerous unlockable vehicles for players to drive around, including landspeeders, X-wings, and TIE Fighters.

3. Learn to Solve Puzzles

Many aspects of Lego Star Wars require puzzle-solving skills. Free play mode allows players to experiment with different character abilities to navigate through the game’s various obstacles. For example, grappling hooks can be used to reach high platforms or swing across gaps. Similarly, characters that can use the force are essential for moving objects, constructing new paths, and even building vehicles. Some puzzles require players to think creatively and use their imagination to complete the level.

The game also features various droids that players need to repair to access new areas. Players must collect parts scattered throughout the levels to fix these droids. Once functioning, they can unlock paths or help players solve other puzzles. Collecting these parts provides players with additional challenges and adds a degree of replayability to the game.


In conclusion, mastering all characters, exploring every corner, and learning to solve puzzles are essential steps to free play Lego Star Wars. By following these tips, players can unlock all the game’s secrets and fully experience the Star Wars universe. Lego Star Wars is an entertaining game that brings together classic gameplay mechanics with exciting characters and settings from across the Star Wars franchise.

Players of any age can enjoy the game’s humor and storylines, making it an excellent choice for families looking to bond over video games. With its extensive roster of characters and abilities, there is always something new to discover or revisit later on. Happy free playing!

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