How To Get Dead Space Secret Ending

Summary: Dead Space is a game with multiple endings, and the secret ending requires some effort to achieve. In this article, we’ll cover the steps needed to get the secret ending and unlock new content in the game.

1. Complete the Game on the Highest Difficulty

To unlock the secret ending, you need to complete the game on the highest difficulty level, which is called “Impossible.” This mode is incredibly challenging, with limited ammo and health drops, and enemies that deal increased damage. It’s recommended that you play through the game once on a lower difficulty level and familiarize yourself with the mechanics before attempting it on “Impossible.”

Once you’ve selected “Impossible” mode, play through the game as you would normally, making sure to use your resources wisely and take advantage of stasis and kinesis to conserve ammo. You’ll need to beat the game on this difficulty level to unlock the secret ending.

It’s worth noting that saving often and utilizing multiple save slots can help prevent frustration and make it easier to backtrack if you encounter a difficult section of the game.

2. Collect All Logs

Throughout the game, there are various logs and recordings scattered around the levels. These shed light on the backstory of the game and provide important hints about how to progress. To unlock the secret ending, you’ll need to find and collect all of these logs.

The logs can be found in various locations, including hidden rooms and behind obstacles. It’s essential that you explore every area thoroughly and use kinesis to move any objects that are blocking your path. As you collect logs, make sure to listen to them or read them carefully to understand their significance to the story.

There are a total of 47 logs to collect, and they are split into three categories: Audio, Text, and Video. You can keep track of which ones you’ve found by checking the “Logs” section of the game’s menus.

3. Find the Marker

The Marker is a key item in the game’s story, and it’s required to unlock the secret ending. To find the Marker, you’ll need to progress through the levels until you reach Chapter 11, called “Alternate Solutions.”

In this chapter, you’ll need to navigate through a zero-gravity area to reach a room with two sealed doors. Use kinesis to move the objects blocking the path to one of the doors and then use stasis on it to slow down the spinning beams inside. Once the beams are slow enough, shoot them to break through and access the room.

Inside the room, you’ll find the Marker. Pick it up and then continue through the game until you reach the final boss fight.

4. Decode the Marker Signals

To unlock the secret ending, you’ll need to decode the Marker signals that are scattered throughout the game. These signals are hidden in various places and can be difficult to find without careful exploration.

To decode the signals, you need to use the game’s “Chapter Select” feature to replay specific levels. Look for areas where you can use kinesis to move objects around and search for hidden rooms or areas that are off the beaten path.

Once you’ve found a signal, you’ll need to interact with it to decode it. This involves solving a puzzle or mini-game, which can vary depending on the signal. Make sure to pay attention to any clues provided by the logs and recordings you’ve collected to help you solve these puzzles.


Unlocking Dead Space’s secret ending takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it for the new content and insight into the game’s story. To recap, you’ll need to complete the game on the highest difficulty level, collect all logs, find the Marker, and decode the Marker signals to unlock the secret ending. With these steps completed, you’ll have access to a new cutscene and additional information about the game’s universe.

Remember, Dead Space is a challenging game, and taking breaks and saving often can help prevent frustration and burnout. With patience and persistence, anyone can achieve the secret ending and uncover the mysteries of this horror classic.

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