How To Get Level 3 Clearance Dead Space

How to Get Level 3 Clearance Dead Space

In Dead Space, the level of clearance determines the areas that you can access. Each level provides access to new areas, and it can be challenging to get level 3 clearance in Dead Space. However, with this guide, you’ll learn how to navigate this task with ease.

1. Know What You Need to Unlock Level 3 Clearance

Before you can acquire level 3 clearance, you need to know what is required to achieve this status. To unlock level 3 clearance, you will need to have access to various items and have completed all the tasks in the previous levels successfully. You will also need to have the highest security clearance level, which is level 3, to access some critical areas.

2. Complete Tasks in Previous Levels

To get level 3 clearance, you must complete numerous tasks and objectives in the previous levels. That means you need to complete all assignments satisfactorily to achieve this level of access. If you haven’t yet finished every task, stop trying to get level 3 clearance and focus on finishing the previous assignments first.

3. Obtain All Necessary Items

Make sure you’ve obtained all necessary items to progress to level 3 clearance. You will need appropriate suits, weapons, and a power node to access the new areas that become available at this level. If you don’t have the required gear, you won’t be able to progress.

4. Explore The Level Extensively

If you don’t explore the environment extensively, you risk missing out on crucial information or items that could help you get level 3 clearance. Exploring each area widely and thoroughly will help you locate essential items that level up your gear and give you a better chance of finishing the game.

5. Overcome Challenges

The Dead Space game is full of challenges and obstacles, including enemies that are difficult to kill and puzzles that require critical thinking skills. Overcoming these challenges will help you progress through the game and eventually reach level 3 clearance. To overcome these challenges, you need to be patient, develop a plan, and stay focused on your objectives.


Getting level 3 clearance in Dead Space requires dedication, patience, and perseverance. Completing all the tasks in previous levels, obtaining necessary items, exploring each environment extensively, and overcoming challenges will help you achieve level 3 clearance. Keep in mind that Dead Space is a challenging and intense game, so take breaks when needed, and remember to have fun playing it.

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