How To Get Mystery Skins In Flappy Dunk

How to Get Mystery Skins in Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk is a mobile game that has gained massive popularity since its release. The game is simple yet challenging, and its gameplay is addictive. One of the things that keep Flappy Dunk players interested is the mystery skins feature. Mystery skins are unique skins that players can randomly obtain by completing certain objectives. This article will provide some tips on how to get mystery skins in Flappy Dunk.

1. Increase Your Score

The first tip to getting mystery skins is to increase your score. The more points you score, the higher your chance of getting a mystery skin. To increase your score, you need to practice and play the game more often. You can also watch tutorials and gameplay videos to learn some tips and tricks on how to score higher.

2. Complete Challenges

Another way to get mystery skins in Flappy Dunk is by completing challenges. Challenges are tasks given by the game that require the player to achieve specific goals. Once a challenge is completed, the player gets a reward. Some of these rewards include mystery skins.

To access the challenges, click on the trophy icon on the main menu. You will see a list of challenges that you can complete. Each challenge has a reward, and some of those rewards are mystery skins.

3. Purchase Them

If you are feeling lucky, you can purchase mystery skins directly from the game’s store. The skins are not expensive, and they give players an incentive to spend more time playing the game. To purchase a mystery skin, click on the store icon located on the main menu. Scroll down until you see the mystery skin option and click on it. You will be prompted to pay, and once you do, a random mystery skin will be added to your inventory.

4. Join Events

The game developers often organize events where players can earn mystery skins by completing specific tasks. Some of these tasks may include playing the game for a specific amount of time or scoring a certain number of points. Events are usually announced on the game’s official social media platforms or in-game notifications.

Joining events is an excellent way of getting mystery skins without spending money. The events are also a great way to interact with other players and have fun while playing the game.

5. Play Every Day

Playing Flappy Dunk every day increases your chance of getting mystery skins. The game rewards players who play daily with various rewards. One of the rewards you can get as a daily player is mystery skins. Therefore, make it a habit to play Flappy Dunk every day.


In conclusion, the mystery skins feature in Flappy Dunk adds an exciting incentive for players to keep playing the game. To get mystery skins, you need to increase your score, complete challenges, purchase them, join events, and play every day. Obtaining mystery skins will not only make your playing experience more enjoyable but also make your bird stand out among other players. Therefore, use the tips provided in this article to get mystery skins and take your Flappy Dunk gameplay to the next level.

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