How To Handicap Nfl Games

How to Handicap NFL Games

When it comes to sports betting, NFL games are some of the most exciting events for punters. Handicapping NFL games can be a difficult task, but if you know what you’re doing, it can be a rewarding way to make money. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best strategies for handicapping NFL games.

1. Analyze the Teams

Before you dive headfirst into betting on NFL games, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of each team’s strengths and weaknesses. Take a deep dive into each roster and identify each player’s skill sets. Consider how different positions match-up against one another, and what could happen in critical moments of the game. Understand the unique style of each team, their play-calling preferences, and how they perform under pressure.

2. Study Statistics and Trends

Another vital step for handicapping NFL games is studying the trends and statistics of each team. This research can provide valuable insights into which teams are likely to perform better than others. Consider looking at each team’s past performance and current form, paying close attention to the number of wins, losses, draws, points scored, and conceded, and home and away records.

It’s also essential to examine individual statistics such as rushing touchdowns, passing yards, and interceptions thrown. These metrics can give you an idea of how well the team performs on offense or defense.

3. Look for Betting Value

Once you’ve analyzed the teams and the trends, it’s time to look for betting value. It’s essential to understand the concept of expected value. Expected value refers to the amount of money that can be expected from a bet over time. This value is calculated by multiplying the probability of winning a bet by the potential net payout.

The best way to find value in an NFL betting market is to look for lines where the probability of winning is higher than what’s implied by the odds. For that you have to compare odds between two bookmakers and choose lines where one side was overpriced.

4. Follow Expert Opinions

Handicapping NFL games requires a lot of time and effort, but you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. Many websites offer expert opinions and betting tips on NFL games. Consider following these websites for valuable insights and information.

However, make sure to keep your own analysis in mind when following expert opinions, as they can be biased and influenced by their personal views or preferences.

5. Manage Your Bankroll

The final step for handicapping NFL games is managing your bankroll. Betting can be a risky endeavor, and placing all of your money on a single bet is never a good idea. Instead, consider setting aside a specific amount of money to use for betting only.

It’s also essential to stick to a betting strategy and to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Keep track of your wins and losses, and adjust your strategy when necessary.


Handicapping NFL games takes time and effort, but it can be a lucrative way to make money. Start by analyzing the teams, studying statistics and trends, and looking for value in the betting markets. Follow expert opinions for additional information, and always manage your bankroll responsibly. With some practice and patience, you can become a successful NFL bettor and stay ahead of the game.

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