How To Install Ds Games On 3ds

How to Install DS Games on 3DS: A Simple Guide

If you own a Nintendo 3DS and are interested in playing DS games on it, you’re in the right place. While the Nintendo 3DS can play most of the DS games without any issues, sometimes you might face compatibility issues. However, by following this simple guide we have prepared for you, you’ll be able to install and enjoy your DS games on your 3DS in no time.

1. Understanding Compatibility

Before proceeding to install your DS games on your 3DS, it is essential to understand the compatibility issues that may arise. The 3DS is compatible with nearly all DS games, except a few games that might face compatibility issues due to their region lock or anti-piracy measures.

When installing DS games, ensure that they are region-free to avoid such issues. Also, make sure to download the games from a reliable source to prevent pirated versions with built-in anti-piracy measures.

2. Materials Required

Now that you have an understanding of compatibility issues let’s move on to the materials you need to complete the installation process. Firstly, You’ll need a 3DS with custom firmware installed. Secondly, You’ll also need an SD card that is compatible with your 3DS (most 3DS use standard MicroSD cards). Finally, you will need access to reliable websites to download and extract the games.

3. Installing Custom Firmware on your 3DS

Custom firmware is required to install your DS games, as well as to bypass any region locks. Installing custom firmware on your 3DS is relatively easy. However, it requires careful following of instructions to avoid any damages. Your first step should be to follow a guide on a trusted site to install custom firmware on your device. Once complete, you can proceed with the following steps.

4. Formatting Your MicroSD card

Now that you have successfully installed custom firmware on your 3DS, it’s time to format your MicroSD card. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the 3DS
2. Remove the SD card from your 3DS and insert it into your computer
3. Open “My Computer”
4. Right-click on the SD card and click on Format
5. Select FAT32 as the file system and leave the allocation unit size as default.
6. Once you click ‘Start,’ wait for formatting to complete before proceeding

5. Downloading DS Games on your Computer

With your 3DS hacked, MicroSD formatted, and inserted into your computer, it’s the perfect time to download your favorite DS games. Ensure you download games from a reputable and reliable source to avoid any disappointments or virus infections. Once downloaded, extract the game files to your computer.

6. Transferring the Game Files onto your MicroSD card

Once the extraction is complete, copy the game’s (in .nds format) files to the root of your MicroSD card. Ensure that you do not insert the games in a folder or any sub-folder – they must be placed in the main directory.

7. Playing the Installed Game on your 3DS

With your game files safely placed on your MicroSD card, it’s now time to play. Eject the MicroSD card from the computer and insert it back into your 3DS. Turn on your 3DS, locate and select the game, and play.


Installing DS games on 3DS can seem complex at first glance. But, with the right information and instructions, you can enjoy your favorite DS games on the 3DS. Be sure to follow each step precisely to avoid any potential damages or issues. With this guide, enjoying your DS games on your 3DS has never been easier.

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