How To Make A Door Sons Of The Forest

How to Make a Door in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming video game that revolves around survival and exploration. Among the many things players will be able to do in this game is create structures that can help them survive and protect themselves from animals and other dangers. One important structure that players can create is the door. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps necessary to create a functional door in Sons of the Forest.

Before we start, we must first understand the resources required to build a door. Here’s a list of resources that you need:

  • Wood
  • Rope
  • Cloth

1. Gather Resources

Wood will be the primary resource that you need to acquire to create a door. You can find wood by cutting down trees in the forest using an axe. Once you have gathered enough wood, use your inventory menu to craft planks by turning the logs into lumber.

Next, you will require a rope to bind the planks together. You can craft rope by cutting down dry grass that you find in the forest and twisting it into a strand of rope.

Finally, you need to create a small piece of cloth, which can be achieved by looting suitcases, tents, and other abandoned structures. Cloth can also be used to craft bandages for healing.

2. Build the Door Frame

The first step in creating a functional door is to build the door frame. You can do this by opening the structure menu and selecting the door icon. Once you have selected the door, place it in an appropriate location where you want the door to be.

3. Create the Door Panels

With the door frame in place, the next step is to create the door panels. To do this, go into your inventory and craft planks by converting the logs into lumber. Once you have enough planks, select them and build the door panels on both sides of the doorway.

4. Install the Hinges

After creating the door panels, you need to attach the hinges. You will need to craft the hinges beforehand by using metals that drop from mutant enemies or through exploring caves. Once you have the hinges, select them from your inventory and place them on the side of the door where you want your door to swing open.

5. Attach the Rope

With the door panels and hinges in place, the last step is to attach the rope. Select the rope from your inventory and attach it to the top of the door panels. Tie the other end of the rope onto the hinges to provide support and enable proper swinging.


Creating a functional door in Sons of the Forest can help make your base more secure and protect you from wildlife and enemy mutants. By following the steps above, you’ll be able to create a sturdy door that will keep your character safe from the dangers of the forest. Remember to gather all the necessary resources before starting to build your door and ensure that you place it in an appropriate location. Have fun playing Sons of the Forest!

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