How To Make Games Run Faster On Android

Summary: Android phones have become a popular gaming platform, but sometimes they can suffer from lag and slow performance. There are several tricks and tips you can apply to improve your device’s performance and make your games run faster.

1. Clear Cache and Data

Whenever you install an app or game, it stores temporary files on your device called cache. Over time, these files can build up and interfere with your device’s performance. You can clear the cache and data for your games by following these steps:

– Go to the Settings app

– Select Storage and then tap on Cached Data

– Confirm the action by tapping on OK

You can also use third-party apps like CCleaner to clear the cache for multiple apps at once. This will help free up space on your device and improve its overall performance.

2. Disable Background Apps

Background apps can also slow down your device and affect your game’s performance. These apps run in the background and consume device resources even when you’re not using them. To disable background apps, you can follow these steps:

– Go to the Settings app

– Select Apps and then tap on any app that you want to stop running in the background

– Tap on Force Stop and then confirm the action by tapping on OK

You can also use task manager apps like Greenify to put all your background apps to sleep. This will help ensure that your device’s resources are optimized for gaming performance.

3. Update your Device

Updating your device to the latest version of Android can also improve performance and fix bugs that may be impacting your games. To check for updates, you can follow these steps:

– Go to the Settings app

– Select System and then tap on System Update

– If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it

You can also enable automatic updates to ensure that your device always runs on the latest software version.

4. Use Game Booster Apps

Game booster apps are designed to optimize your device’s performance specifically for gaming. These apps can help free up resources, reduce lag, and improve frame rates. Some of the popular game booster apps include:

– Game Booster 4x Faster

– Dr. Booster

– DU Speed Booster & Optimizer

These apps can significantly improve your gaming experience, especially if you have a low-end or older Android device.

5. Lower Graphics Settings

If your device is struggling to run games smoothly, you can try lowering the graphics settings. This will reduce the demand on your device’s CPU and GPU, allowing it to run the game more efficiently. Most games have an option to adjust graphics settings, which you can access from the game’s settings menu. Some of the settings you can adjust include:

– Resolution

– Texture quality

– Shadows

– Anti-aliasing

– Draw distance

By lowering these settings, you can improve the performance of your game and make it run smoother on your device.


If you’re experiencing lag and slow performance when playing games on your Android device, there are several things you can do to fix it. Clearing cache and data, disabling background apps, updating your device, using game booster apps, and lowering graphics settings can all help improve your device’s performance and make your games run faster.

By following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience on your Android device.

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