How To Refund Valorant Skin

Summary: Refunding Valorant skins is quite simple if you follow a few basic steps. Whether you made a mistake while purchasing the skin or it doesn’t suit your style, refunds are always an option. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to refund Valorant skins and give you some tips to ensure you don’t face any issues in the process.

1. Understanding the Refund Policy

The first step in requesting a refund for a Valorant skin is to understand the refund policy. Riot Games, the creators of Valorant, have a strict refund policy that players must abide by. According to their policy, players can request a refund for a skin up to seven days after its purchase. However, there are certain restrictions as well. For instance, players can only refund each skin once. Furthermore, if a skin has been used in-game, it cannot be refunded.

It’s vital to go through the refund policy before initiating a refund request. This way, you can make sure your skin falls under the criteria for a refund. If it doesn’t, then you won’t be able to get your money back.

2. Initiating a Refund Request

The next step is to initiate a refund request. To do this, you need to contact Riot Games’ customer support team. First, visit the Valorant support page and select “Submit a Request.” Then, complete the form by entering your account details, including your username and email address. In the description box, explain why you are requesting a refund, and select the relevant skin from the list.

Make sure you provide a valid reason for the refund request. For example, if the skin turned out to be different than what you expected, then write that in the description. Remember to be polite and concise while explaining your request.

3. The Refund Process

After you submit the refund request, you will receive an automatic email acknowledging it. Afterward, a Riot Games support agent will review your request and make a decision. This process can take up to a week, depending on Riot Games’ workload.

If your refund request is accepted, then the skin’s value will be credited back to your account soon. Note that the process of adding back credits may take some time. Sometimes you might notice that the credits are taking longer than usual to show up in your account. Don’t worry; this is entirely normal and can even take up to a few days.

4. Tips to Ensure Smooth Refund Process

Follow these tips to avoid issues when requesting a refund:

1. Make sure to meet all the refund criteria mentioned in the policy.

2. Provide a valid reason for the refund request in the description. Be polite and precise.

3. Avoid engaging in arguments or being rude with the support agents. Such behavior can result in your refund request being rejected.

4. Keep track of the refund process by checking your email regularly.


In conclusion, refunding Valorant skins is easy if you know what you’re doing. Understanding the refund policy, initiating a request, and following some tips will ensure you have no trouble getting your money back. Plus, since the process doesn’t take too long, you can use the refunded credits to purchase another skin and continue enjoying the game. Just make sure to remember that you can only refund each skin once, so choose wisely!

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