How To Save Game Gta 5

Summary: GTA 5 is an open-world game that allows players to explore the city of Los Santos as three different characters. Saving your progress is essential for not losing any progress you’ve made in the game. Here are some tips on how to save your game progress in GTA 5.

1. Autosave Feature

GTA 5 has an autosave feature that automatically saves your progress after completing certain missions or events. You can also manually trigger an autosave by opening the pause menu and selecting “Game” and then “Save Game”. Make sure to have this turned on so you don’t lose any progress in case you forget to save manually.

Additionally, note that the autosave feature doesn’t save every little action you take—it saves mission progress, money earned, and weapons bought—but it won’t save little things like which cars you stole or which stores you robbed. To be safe, use manual saves often.

If you want to turn off the autosave feature, go to the game settings option, where you can disable the option. Keep in mind, though, that turning off Autosave will require you to always remember to manually save your progress or you may lose all your progress.

2. Quick Save on Mobile Phone

The mobile phone saved the day again! While using your mobile phone in the game, you can quickly save your progress without going through the usual save game menus. To do this, pull up your mobile phone by pressing the up button on the console or the “~” key on the PC, then select the “Quick Save” icon shown with a floppy disk icon. A quick save gets created with the autosave feature turned off the moment you close your mobile phone.

It’s important to note that you can only quick save outside of missions. During missions, the quick save option will be grayed out and disabled.

If you want to check whether your quick save has been created, go to “Pause Menu,” navigate to “Game” on your screen, then select “Load Game”.

3. Manual Saves At Safe House

Manual saves are one of the best forms of ensuring you don’t lose hours of progress in a game. GTA 5 allows players to manually save their progress at safe houses throughout Los Santos—houses that the three playable characters can own or rent. You can also save your progress by using any of the designated save icons throughout the city.

The manual save option is only available outside of missions, too. In order to save the game, find one of the many save icons around Los Santos that appear like S’s and locate one of the safe houses. Approach the noticeboard in the safe house, and the option to save your game will come up on your screen. Simultaneously save on all available slots to reduce the risks.

Make sure to frequently save your progress to avoid losing unsaved progress in case of a game crash, power outage, or any other abrupt interruption.

4. Cloud Saving

The popular Rockstar Social Club connects to your console’s user profile, syncing your saved games to the cloud. This excludes the possibility of losing the game progress and you can pick up your game from any device after syncing. This feature is especially handy if you ever buy a new console, or if you have multiple systems to play on.

To use this option, sign up for a free account with the Rockstar Social Club. Once you have created your account, go to your console’s main menu settings, and select Online Services. Click on “Link to Social Club account,” pick the appropriate user profile, and then sync your games.

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection before uploading or downloading saved files

5. Save Before Exiting Multiplayer Mode

GTA Online allows you to take your character into an online game mode with other players. While playing multiplayer, manual saving is not available. It is important to save automatically with the autosave feature or to make use of checkpoints to ensure you don’t lose progress. However, before leaving the multiplayer mode, pause the game and exit. Follow the prompts to save the game while exiting, as this will also automatically save your progress.

It’s recommended to play multiplayer mode with friends or trusted people who wouldn’t sabotage your gameplay and give you the chance to save your progress offline.

Always remember to quit Multiplayer mode via the menu prompt and not by simply turning off the console or exiting the app forcefully.


There are various ways to save your progress in GTA 5, including manual saves, quick saves, cloud saves, and autosaves. Autosave is a great setting to leave on at all times, with manual saves as a backup for important moments. Quick save is handy when saving progress on-the-go, while the cloud save option is ideal for those using multiple consoles with different accounts. Lastly, be reminded of the need to exit menus correctly, particularly when leaving multiplayer mode. Utilise the safe houses and designated icons listed in Los Santos to guarantee that your progress remains safe, and save regularly to prevent losing unsaved game progress.

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