How To Stream Nfl Games On Paramount Plus


Paramount Plus is an excellent streaming service you can use to watch NFL games on your device. Live streaming NFL games on Paramount Plus is now available to subscribers. You will need to subscribe to a specific package from the Paramount Plus streaming service, which includes your preferred teams in order to access live NFL content. With Paramount Plus, you won’t miss any game, including pre-season, regular-season, and post-season games. This article will guide you on how to stream NFL games on Paramount Plus.

1. Subscription to Paramount Plus

To stream NFL games on Paramount Plus, you must sign up for a subscription plan with the platform. The subscription plans are available on the website or mobile app. You need to select the premium subscription that best suits your budget and preference. One of the popular subscriptions is the “Ad-Free” plan that comes without commercials. Once you have subscribed to the plan, you will need to enter your login details to start streaming NFL games.

The Paramount Plus subscription gives you access to live streaming services that cover various sports events, movies, news, and TV shows. Users can also view their online media library, which contains exclusive content from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Paramount.

The platform offers a seven-day free trial option for new subscribers. This allows you to test the services before you commit to any subscription. After the trial period, the subscription fee will automatically apply to your account unless you cancel it within the seven days.

2. Compatible devices to stream NFL games on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has expanded its compatibility and now supports various devices. You can stream NFL games on your phone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, or desktop. For instance, users can use Android or iOS mobile devices with at least 5.0 or later versions to stream on the go.

You may also use Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, or Chromecast with Google TV to watch NFL games on Paramount Plus. Furthermore, you can enjoy seamless streaming services on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One or Series X or S consoles.

Besides, you can access live-streamed NFL games on your website browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. You can use any device that supports Paramount Plus services

3. NFL game schedule and finding the game you want to watch

NFL games are usually scheduled for specific times and dates. You can check the schedule for upcoming games on the NFL website or the Paramount Plus website. The NFL website provides a comprehensive schedule of all games, including kickoff times, teams, and TV networks that will broadcast the games.

Paramount Plus makes it easy to keep up with the game schedules via the Live TV option featured on the platform. By selecting the Live TV segment, you can filter options with user-friendly tools, such as those allowing you to view the schedule grid by day, game, or team. This enables you to find the event you want quickly.

Paramount Plus also has a “Favorite” option that helps you keep tabs on specific games or teams you don’t want to miss. This feature sends notifications to alert you of upcoming games that you have marked as favorites.

4. Streaming live NFL games

To stream NFL games, navigate to the Paramount Plus website, or open the app on your device. Once you have logged in to your account, you can click on the “Live TV” button to see the available live streams. Select the “National Football League” category to browse through all the NFL games available on Paramount Plus.

Alternatively, you can find your preferred NFL game by using the “Search” feature. The search bar is located at the top of the screen, and you can type in the name of the team or game you want to watch.

On the Live TV screen, you will see different channels broadcasting live NFL games. Click on the channel featuring the NFL game you want to watch. The game will start streaming automatically. You can adjust the streaming quality based on your internet speed by clicking on the settings options.

5. Commercial breaks and replays

Commercial breaks during the NFL games are available and subject to the network broadcasting the game, not Paramount Plus. However, you can enjoy thrilling replays of crucial moments during the game. The event will be available for viewing within twenty-four hours on the platform’s video-on-demand feature.

The replay option gives you a second chance to watch the exciting moments of the game. This feature also enables you to re-watch highlights, analysis, etc.


Paramount Plus is an excellent streaming platform to watch your favorite NFL teams and games. With an easy to navigate interface, accessible on various devices, and offering exclusive and unlimited access to its extensive library, Paramount Plus is a must-have streaming service for NFL fans everywhere. Follow these steps to start streaming NFL games on Paramount Plus and never miss a beat.

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