How To Use Canisters Atomic Heart

Summary: Canisters are essential tools in Atomic Heart that help players store and transport materials and resources. Knowing how to use canisters can streamline gameplay and give players an advantage in surviving the game’s harsh environments.

1. How to Use Canisters

The first step in using a canister in Atomic Heart is to craft one. To do this, players must gather resources like water, iron, and oxygen. Once they have enough of these resources, players can use a crafting bench to create a canister. These benches can be found in various locations around the game world, including in safe houses and campsites.

Once a canister has been crafted, it can be equipped to a player’s inventory slot for easy access. To fill the canister with a resource, players simply need to locate a source of that resource in the game world and interact with it while holding the canister. The resource will then be automatically stored inside the canister, allowing players to transport it to other locations or use it later when needed.

2. Tips for Using Canisters Effectively

In addition to basic usage, there are several tips and tricks that can help players use canisters more effectively in Atomic Heart. One such tip is to prioritize resource gathering early on in the game. By focusing on gathering necessary resources like water, players can ensure that they have enough supplies to survive in harsh environments where resources may be scarce.

Another useful tip is to use canisters strategically to store and transport important items like weapons, ammo, and healing items. By keeping these items in canisters, players can quickly and easily access them when needed, even in high-pressure situations like combat or exploration.

3. Canister Upgrades and Modifications

In addition to basic usage and tips, canisters in Atomic Heart can also be upgraded and modified to make them more effective. For example, players can craft upgrades that increase the capacity of their canisters, allowing them to store more resources and materials. Other modifications, like adding filters or insulation, can help players survive in extreme environments and weather conditions.

To upgrade or modify a canister, players must have the required resources and access to a crafting bench. Once they have these items, they can use the bench to perform the upgrade or modification, making their canister more useful and efficient in the game world.


Canisters are an essential tool in Atomic Heart, helping players store and transport resources and materials in the game world. By learning how to use canisters effectively and upgrading them when possible, players can gain an advantage in surviving and thriving in the game’s harsh environments. With these tips and tricks, players can become masters of canister usage, making their gameplay experience more streamlined and enjoyable.

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