How To Watch Soccer Games For Free On Chromebook

Summary: Soccer fans who have a Chromebook and don’t want to pay for subscriptions to watch their favorite soccer games live can still catch the action without digging deep into their pockets. This guide provides a step-by-step process of watching soccer games for free on Chromebook, with no hidden costs.

1. Look for Free Streaming Websites

The first step in watching soccer games for free on Chromebook is to search for websites that provide free streaming for soccer games. Several sites such as VIPBox, Batman Stream, Ronaldo7, and others offer free streaming options for users interested in soccer. Once you find a credible website with free streaming access, note it down since you’ll need to revisit it often.

Chromebook has a helpful feature, ‘Pin Tab,’ that keeps your preferred tabs open and easily accessible. Users can pin these sites and access them later without going through the process of searching for them. To pin a tab, right-click on the tab logo and select the’ Pin Tab’ option, and the favored tab will appear on your taskbar, always just one click away.

2. Install VPNs/Extensions for Access

Although several free streaming websites are readily accessible, some countries may block access to the site, limiting your viewing options. Therefore, it’s advisable to install VPNs or extensions that grant you access to blocked websites. Several reliable VPNs provide top-notch services, including Hola, CyberGhost, and Tunnelbear, to name a few. One caution is to ensure that the VPN you use is legal and does not expose you to threats such as hacking and phishing attacks that may compromise your security and personal information.

Once you have identified a legal VPN, look it up on Google Play Store under Chromebook VPN and install it on your device. The VPN will work correctly in the background, so you can access supported streaming sites without compromising location blocks.

3. Connect to Social Media Pages

Soccer fans who follow their favorite teams or players on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be in luck. Teams and players often share links to soccer games for free on their social media pages, and this provides an alternative route to access the games.

Follow these pages, turn on notifications, and receive alerts as soon as a soccer game is up for streaming- giving you ample time to gear up and prepare for your favorite show.


Now, Chromebook users can tune in to their favorite soccer games without incurring any added subscription costs using the above techniques. Remember to pin frequently visited tabs, install legal VPNs, follow team social media pages to get notifications, including updates on free-to-watch soccer games and enjoy streaming options from free sites. Lastly, use reliable ad-blockers and stay protected against phishing attacks to ensure maximum security as you stream.

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