How To Work For Epic Games

Summary: Working for Epic Games is a dream job for many game enthusiasts. It takes passion, hard work, and talent to get hired at Epic Games. In this article, we will share some tips on how to work for Epic Games.

1. Know the company

Before applying for a job at Epic Games, it is essential to know the company’s history, values, and culture. Epic Games is known for developing popular video games like Fortnite, Gears of War, and Unreal Tournament. Epic Games encourages new ideas and makes use of cutting-edge technology. The company values teamwork and creativity, which results in their excellent games’ success. Take the time to research the company, so you can show your passion for Epic Games and its products in your application and interview.

You can start by following Epic Games on social media, staying up-to-date with their blog, and attending gaming industry events. These are great ways to immerse yourself in the industry and learn more about Epic Games.

To work for Epic Games, you must also have an understanding of the gaming industry as a whole. Research competitor games, upcoming trends, and gaming platforms. This will come in handy while building your knowledge during the interview process.

2. Develop your skills

Epic Games is looking for top talent with exceptional skills that can contribute meaningfully to their products. Therefore, you need to develop your skills to meet their standards. Game development requires various skills, including programming, design, art, audio, and testing. Determine which aspect of game development excites you the most and focus on improving your skills in that area.

In addition, having experience programming or designing games can help when looking for a job at Epic Games. Gain as much experience as possible by developing games independently, participating in game jams, and creating a portfolio that showcases your skills. You can also attend game development courses, boot camps, or even a degree course in game development.

Be prepared to show your expertise working with gaming software tools. Master programs such as Unreal Engine, Unity, 3D modelling software, such as Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max or Maya, Photoshop, Git and more. The more tools you are familiar with, the better your chances of getting a job at Epic Games.

3. Apply for internships

Applying for internships with Epic Games is an excellent way to learn more about game development and increase your chances of getting a full-time job there. Epic Games has a well-reputed and competitive internship program designed to attract top talent. You will gain experience in various aspects of game development and work on real projects.

To apply for an internship, check the Epic Games careers website and find available intern positions. Ensure you have all the necessary documentation, such as your resume, cover letter, a link to your portfolio, and any references. Apply early, as positions get filled soon.

During the internship, work hard, learn, improve, network and impress the team with your skills. Stand out to their attention by constantly giving high-quality work, sharing innovative ideas and asking intelligent questions to the firm mentors. Doing so can result in a potential job offer after the internship ends.

4. Network

Networking is essential to finding job opportunities, and game development is no exception. Building connections within the gaming industry can help you get hired at Epic Games or other game development companies.

Networking involves attending industry events and meetups. Many cities have local game development communities, where you can connect with like-minded professionals and learn more about the industry. You can also follow gaming forums and social media accounts, such as Reddit, Twitter and LinkedIn, to stay informed about industry updates and events.

You never know who you might meet at an event or online – it could be someone who connects you to the right person at Epic Games, or even a hiring manager. It is essential to create a positive reputation by being friendly, approachable and respectful to everyone you interact with.

5. Apply

Once you have researched Epic Games, developed your skills, gained experience through internships, and networked, it is time to apply for a job. Keep an eye on the Epic Games careers website or job boards, such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor, for open positions that match your skills and expertise.

To apply for a job at Epic Games, submit an application following their requirements. Ensure your resume, cover letter, and portfolio speaks directly to the skills they are seeking. Tailor and optimize your resume and cover letter to present the best impression of yourself and how your skills and experience fit exactly what the hiring team requires. Also make sure your application supports your claim of passion for Epic Games and its products.

Be prepared to showcase your skills, if you are selected for an interview. Make a great first impression by dressing professionally, researching the company and preparing smart questions. Show the hiring team that you understand how your skills can benefit the product and team dynamic at Epic Games


Working for Epic Games is a dream for many individuals passionate about game development. To achieve this goal, learn more about the company, develop skills in game development, apply for internships, network and eventually apply for a job.

Keep in mind that it requires patience, hard work, and perseverance. The competition is fierce, but following the tips shared in this article can help you stand out from the rest and have a higher chance of getting hired at Epic Games. Good luck with your job search in the gaming industry!

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