Indy Battleground

Indy Battleground: The Ultimate Destination for Independent Wrestling Fans

Indy wrestling has always been a harbinger of change in the pro-wrestling industry. With its grassroots approach and talent development policies, independent wrestling leagues have always been the breeding ground for future stars and fresh content that the mainstream industry often lacks. However, the world of indie wrestling is often hard to navigate, with multiple promotions, events, and wrestlers vying for attention. That’s where Indy Battleground comes in.

1. What is Indy Battleground?

Indy Battleground is an online platform that aims to bring independent wrestlers, promotions, and fans under one roof. The platform offers an extensive database of indie wrestlers from all over the world, information on upcoming events and promotions, and a community forum for fans and enthusiasts to discuss and share their love for indie wrestling.

2. Features of Indy Battleground

Indy Battleground offers several features that make it the ultimate destination for indie wrestling fans. Here are some:

a. Comprehensive wrestler profile:

Indy Battleground’s wrestler database is possibly the most comprehensive one out there. It includes detailed wrestler profiles, including information about their career, signature moves, and links to their social media and merchandise stores.

b. Event listings:

Indy Battleground features an event calendar that lists all upcoming indie wrestling shows and events. Fans can filter it by location, date, promotion, and even wrestler, making it easy to keep track of their favorite promotions and wrestlers.

c. Merchandise store:

Indy Battleground’s merchandise store is a one-stop-shop for indie wrestling merch. Fans can browse and buy t-shirts, hats, DVDs, and autographs from their favorite wrestlers and promotions.

d. Community forum:

Indy Battleground’s community forum is a place for indie wrestling fans to discuss everything from recent events to upcoming match predictions. It also offers a platform for promotions and wrestlers to interact directly with their fans.

3. Why Indy Battleground?

Indy wrestling promotions often struggle to gain the same visibility as mainstream ones, making it hard for them to attract a broader audience. Indy Battleground bridges that gap by offering a centralized platform where indie wrestling fans can discover new promotions, wrestlers, and merchandise.

Moreover, using Indy Battleground comes at no additional cost to either fans or wrestling promotions. It allows promotions to list their events, wrestlers, and merchandise without any charge and gives fans an accessible way to get involved in the indie wrestling scene.


Indy Battleground is not just a website, but a movement that aims to empower independent wrestling promoters, wrestlers, and fans. With its comprehensive wrestler database, event calendar, merchandise store, and community forum, it provides a unique way to experience indie wrestling. If you’re a fan of the indie wrestling scene, you owe it to yourself to check out Indy Battleground and join the growing community of indie wrestling enthusiasts.

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