Ingenious Hunter League Of Legends

Summary: This article is about the Ingenious Hunter League of Legends in which we will discuss its background, definition, benefits, and its applications in the game. Additionally, we will cover how it can help players to win matches.

1. Background of Ingenious Hunter in League of Legends

Ingenious Hunter is a rune in League of Legends. It is found in the domination tree and is mostly used by players who prefer to play champions with active items. The idea of this rune is to reduce the cooldown of active items that a player has after every takedown of ward or enemies.

This rune was specially designed to increase the frequency of usage of active items like Zhonya’s hourglass, Protobelt, Bilgewater Cutlass, etc. The active items have an enormous impact during team fights, objectives, ganks, and overall gameplay.

Ingenious Hunter was introduced in pre-season 9 and has been a popular choice in competitive games because it can give some extra edge to players in matches.

2. Benefits of Ingenious Hunter in League of Legends

The primary benefit of Ingenious Hunter is the reduction of cooldowns on active items. As the game progresses, teams depend more on the usage and timing of these items.

Players who use Ingenious Hunter have to take down their opponents frequently to take advantage of the reduction in cooldowns. By using active items more frequently, players can have an upper hand in team fights, take objectives faster, and even secure kills.

In addition, by reducing the cooldowns on active items, team utility can be improved as well, whether it is through long-range vision, healing for wounded champions, boosting teammate attacks, and more.

3. Applications of Ingenious Hunter in League of Legends

One of the most common applications of Ingenious Hunter is through using Hexflash and Stopwatch. By using Ingenious Hunter with these two items, players can have shorter cooldowns and more opportunities to make plays.

Another application is the use of Gunblade. By reducing Gunblade’s cooldown, players can have an improved self-sustain and gap-close while also dealing significant damage to their opponents.

A less common application but one that carries potential benefits is the use of Zeke’s and Redemption. With a shorter cooldown on these items, players can boost ally attacks and heal wounded champions more frequently.

4. How Ingenious Hunter can help players win matches

Ingenious Hunter plays a significant role in tipping matches in any team’s favor. The use of active items can be the game-changer in a pulse-pounding match where either team can turn things around. By using active items more frequently, teams can turn losing situations around by making outplays during team fights.

Additionally, players can use the reduced cooldowns to secure objectives like Baron Nashor and Dragon or steal enemy camps. This often goes unnoticed as it is not a flashy play, but it can have significant impacts on the game’s outcome.

Moreover, players with Ingenious Hunter equipped can surprise their opponents with unexpected uses of their active items that they would not expect otherwise. By doing so, they can make their opponents make errors that can be capitalized on in a match.


In conclusion, Ingenious Hunter is a valuable tool for champions who prefer to use active items. The reduction of cooldowns on active items can lead to more opportunities to make plays, increase in utility, and ultimately deciding matches. Players should experiment with this rune and make the best use of it to improve their gameplay and chances of winning.

Remember that using active items, even with the reduction in cooldowns, should be used wisely. One must always analyze the situation before making any significant plays. Therefore, making use of Ingenious Hunter reminds us that League of Legends is a game of strategy where even small changes can have significant impacts.

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