Krug League Of Legends

Krug – The Intelligent Jungle Monster in League of Legends

League of Legends is a well-developed game with exciting features. It contains various champions, each with their unique abilities and backgrounds. One of the most interesting parts of the game is jungle monsters. There are several types of jungle monsters, such as Gromp, Rift Scuttle, Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback, and Krug. In this article, we will cover the Krug monster in-depth, including its spawn location, strength, and rewards.

1. Spawn Location of the Krug monster

The Krug monster is located in the bottom half of the jungle on both sides of the map, near the river. Krugs come in two versions: ‘large Krugs’ and ‘small Krugs’. The large Krug spawns first, and once defeated, leaves two small Krugs available for players to take down.

As the Krug monster is one of the jungle monsters guarded by the jungle champions, players must focus while clearing the Krug camp.

2. Strength and Challenges of Krug monster

The Krug monster is not easy to defeat, and it will take time for any player to clear their camp. Although it may seem like an ordinary rock-like creature, it can kill if anyone underestimates its strength. There are several critical points to keep in mind to defeat a Krug monster.

Firstly, the Krug monster’s passive ability called Stone Skin helps it to gain a significant amount of armor over five attacks. Hence, players who use AD damage dealers must be cautious and plan their attack patterns accordingly.

Secondly, the Krug monster has a substantial HP pool that regenerates quickly after it wins every battle. Players need to upgrade their damage equipment or use other items such as a smite to reduce the health of Krugs to an acceptable level.

Moreover, after a winning battle, the small Krug monsters spawn and go around the main Krug.

Players need to be aware of the presence of these small creatures as they can deal significant damage. So, players with ranged attacks must be cautious about their targets.

One more tip in regards to fighting against Krug is to keep it separate from the team so that it cannot reach other team members to deal destruction.

3. Reward for Defeating Krug monster

Krug monsters are gold mines for champions who can defeat them. Once Krug is defeated, all small Krugs surrounding it disappear. The rewards obtained after successfully defeating the Krug monsters include experience points, gold, as well as the Krug buff.

The Krug buff allows jungle champions to stun the opponents on the third attack, which means that players can inflict immense CC damage. Because of this, Krugs play a great role in helping the team achieve victory over the other side.


Krug is one of the most powerful jungle monsters in League of Legends and requires tactful planning and execution to defeat. Though quite challenging, players get rewards such as gold, experience, and the Krug buff by killing Krugs. Use this article as a guide to help you understand Krug better and make the most of your League of Legends gameplay.

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