Le Chat Et Le Diable

Le Chat et le Diable – A Tale of Wit and Trickery

Le Chat et le Diable is a well-known French folktale, also known as The Cat and the Devil. The story revolves around a cat who outwits the devil with his cleverness and cunning nature. It’s an interesting tale that teaches us important life lessons about wit and trickery.

1. The Plot

The story begins with a poor miller who leaves his son nothing but a cat. The son, disappointed with his inheritance, plans to kill the cat. However, the cat speaks up and promises to make the young man rich if he spares his life. The cat’s plan is to trick the devil and make his master wealthy.

So, the cat sets out on his mission and tricks the king into believing that his master, the miller’s son, is a great lord. He secures a castle, fine clothes, and lands for the miller’s son. As the miller becomes wealthy, the cat asks his master to repay him by giving him a pair of boots, which he intends to use to trounce the devil.

The cat goes on to visit the devil and tricks him into believing that his master is a magician who can turn into anything he desires. The devil challenges the master to show his skill by turning into a variety of animals. The master accepts the challenge and turns into different creatures, impressing the devil each time.

2. The Twist in the Tale

However, when it comes time for the master to turn into a mouse, where the devil can eat him, the cat becomes frightened and kills the devil himself. The cat’s true nature and loyalty to his master are revealed as he saves his life.

The miller’s son marries a beautiful princess and lives happily ever after, thanks to his feline friend’s cunning ways. The story is a masterful demonstration of the cat’s wits and intelligence and its use in achieving great wealth and success.

3. The Life Lessons

The story of Le Chat et le Diable teaches us valuable lessons about life. It shows that intelligence, wit, and quick thinking are skillsets that can come in handy when one least expects it. The cat’s cleverness allowed him to not only save his own life but also make his master rich and successful. He displays resourcefulness to achieve his goals, which is an important skill for success.

The cat also demonstrates loyalty and selflessness. Despite achieving his goals, he continues to look out for his master and saves his life at the risk of his own. This level of loyalty and selflessness is rare and should be emulated in all aspects of life.


Le Chat et le Diable is a classic French folktale that teaches us valuable life lessons. The story is a masterful display of wit, intelligence, and resourcefulness that can come in handy when we least expect it. We learn that loyalty and selflessness are essential virtues that can set one apart from others. The cat’s role in the story is central to the theme of resourcefulness and intellectualism. Its use of cunning trickery teaches us how critical astuteness and cleverness can be in achieving greatness and prosperity.

So, take a leaf from the cat’s book and hone your skills to achieve your goals in life. The tale of Le Chat et le Diable will always be a reminder to us that wit and trickery can indeed lead to success.

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