League Of Legends Ahri Build

Summary: In League of Legends, Ahri is a highly mobile and versatile champion that can deal significant damage while also providing utility. Choosing the right Ahri build is crucial to maximize her potential in different team compositions and situations.

1. Runes

Ahri’s runes should focus on maximizing her damage output while also enhancing her mobility and survivability. Electrocute is the preferred keystone rune, as it can be easily triggered with Ahri’s burst combo. For secondary runes, Manaflow Band and Transcendence provide additional mana sustain and cooldown reduction, while Scorch offers extra poke damage. Finally, Cosmic Insight or Ravenous Hunter can help Ahri to stay healthy in prolonged fights or skirmishes.

Another viable option is to go for a more defensive build, with Guardian or Aftershock being the keystone runes. While this approach sacrifices some damage potential, it can make Ahri much harder to kill and allow her to peel for her allies more effectively.

Ultimately, the choice of runes depends on personal playstyle and the specific match-up. It is advisable to experiment with different options and adjust according to the situation.

2. Items

Ahri’s itemization should also reflect her role as a burst mage-assassin with strong kiting potential. Luden’s Echo is a core first item for Ahri, as it provides significant burst damage, mana sustain, and movement speed. The second item choice depends on the situation and the enemy team composition. Morellonomicon is a solid choice against teams with healing champions, while Zhonya’s Hourglass is essential against heavy AD threats.

Rabadon’s Deathcap is a standard third item for Ahri, as it greatly enhances her damage potential. Alternatively, choosing Liandry’s Torment can be effective against tanky enemy teams, as it offers percentage-based damage and health burn. Finally, Void Staff or Banshee’s Veil can be valuable defensive choices, depending on whether the enemy team is building significant magic resistance or threatening Ahri with CC abilities.

It is also important to note that Ahri can benefit from a variety of boots choices, including Sorcerer’s Shoes for extra penetration, Mercury Treads for tenacity, or Ninja Tabi for armor and damage reduction against AD threats.

3. Skill order

Ahri’s skill leveling should prioritize her Q (Orb of Deception) for wave-clear and poke potential in the early game. Maxing out her W (Fox-Fire) second can enhance her burst damage, while maxing E (Charm) second offers more utility, crowd control, and pick potential. Of course, leveling up Ahri’s ultimate (Spirit Rush) whenever possible is crucial to her mobility and burst rotation.

In some cases, it may be useful to put an early point into E (Charm) to set up ganks or catch enemies off guard. However, it is generally not advised to level up E first, as it is harder to hit than Ahri’s other abilities and puts her at risk of being caught without escape tools.

Overall, Ahri’s skill order should be adjusted based on the match-up and the team’s win condition. For example, if the team needs Ahri to focus on wave-clear and poke, maxing out Q and E first can be effective, even if it sacrifices some burst potential in the midgame.

4. Combos

Ahri’s kit offers a variety of combo options that can be used to catch enemies off guard, burst them down, or kite them around. One of the most basic and reliable combos is to use Q (Orb of Deception) followed by W (Fox-Fire) and then finish with an auto-attack or ignite if available.

Ahri can also utilize her E (Charm) to set up her other abilities or to peel for her allies. By landing a charm on an enemy champion, Ahri can follow up with Q-W-R for maximum damage, or use R to reposition and kite away from danger.

In teamfights, Ahri’s ultimate (Spirit Rush) allows her to quickly move around the battlefield and target multiple enemies. By casting Q and E in between her dashes, Ahri can deal significant area-of-effect damage and crowd control while staying safe from enemy retaliation.

5. Laning phase

Ahri’s laning phase should focus on farming safely and harassing the enemy laner whenever possible. Using her Q to clear minion waves and poke the enemy champion can help Ahri to gain a cs advantage while also keeping pressure on the map.

If an opportunity arises, Ahri can also look to land her E (Charm) to create a kill threat or force the enemy to use summoner spells. However, it is important not to overextend or get too aggressive without vision and information about the enemy jungler position.

Once Ahri hits level 6, she gains a considerable powerspike and can start looking for roam opportunities or all-ins with her ultimate (Spirit Rush). Combining a well-timed roam with a dragon or tower objective can greatly increase Ahri’s impact on the game and create more win conditions for her team.


Choosing the right Ahri build is essential to unlocking her potential as a versatile and mobile champion in League of Legends. By experimenting with different runes, items, skill orders, and combos, players can find the playstyle that suits their strengths and fits the team’s strategy. Whether going for a full burst damage build or a more defensive utility approach, Ahri can be a formidable force in the midlane and beyond.

Remember to adapt to each game and situation, and always keep an eye on your surroundings to make the most out of Ahri’s kit. With her charm and cunning, Ahri can lead her team to victory and become a legend on the Rift.

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