League Of Legends Coven Skins

League of Legends Coven Skins – An Overview

League of Legends has a vast variety of characters to play with. The game offers different skins for each hero, and players can purchase or earn them through defeating others on the battlefield. One of the most exciting skin sets is the Coven skins, which features mythical creatures of forests, witches, and other occult beings. In this article, we will discuss all of the details about the League of Legends Coven Skins.

These Coven skins are designed to depict mythical creatures and demigods. Players can transform themselves into epic beings from fantasy stories like witches, warlocks, and other magical creatures. The skins come with new animations, sounds, and visual effects to make the game more exciting and immersive.

1. History of League of Legends Coven Skins

The Coven skins were first introduced in October 2018 as part of the Harrowing event, which celebrated Halloween. At that time, only three champions received coven skins: Camille, Lissandra, and Morgana. However, after seeing how popular these skins became, Riot Games decided to introduce more and more characters wearing these skins in the game.

2. What Champions Have Received Coven Skins So Far?

As of now, there are 12 champions who have received Coven skins. Besides the original three mentioned earlier, there are also skins for:

– Evelynn
– Ahri
– Katarina
– Cassiopeia
– Zyra
– LeBlanc
– Syndra
– Warwick

Each champion’s Coven skin adds unique characteristics to that specific champion, making the game interesting. For instance, Ahri’s charm ability turns her victims into Vines, while Morgana’s Binding and Dark Binding bring magic sticks and purple circles to life.

3. How to Get Coven Skins in League of Legends

Players can purchase Coven skins from the in-game store or win them by playing different game modes and events. The cost of these skins ranges from 975 RP to 1820 RP, depending on the complexity of the skin design.

Players can earn these skins by participating in different in-game events or earning chests containing these skins. Riot Games also occasionally offers these skins as rewards for winning a particular tournament or contest.

4. Conclusion

The League of Legends Coven skins are one of the most popular skin sets among players due to their fantasy allure and intricate design. Each champion’s unique Coven skin offers something new to the game with stunning visual effects and sounds. These skins are not only fascinating but also provide some enchanting gameplay experiences. Players who love fantasy games and RPGs will surely enjoy these visually pleasing and immersive skins in League of Legends.

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