League Of Legends Item Statistics

Summary: League of Legends is an incredibly popular game renowned for its graphics, gameplay, and the ability to play with others globally. As part of the game’s mechanics, items can be purchased in-game to increase a champion’s statistics. These item statistics are crucial to the success of a player, as it can help them dominate the opposition. This article will explore various aspects of League of Legends’ items statistics.

1. Attack Items

Attack items are items that increase a player’s damage output. The most popular attack items include Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, and Last Whisper. Infinity Edge grants a 25% chance to critically strike, increasing the player’s total physical damage output. Phantom Dancer increases movement speed and provides an additional 55% critical strike chance. Last Whisper, on the other hand, grants armor penetration, increasing the damage dealt to armored opponents.

The three items mentioned above are crucial in enhancing a player’s attacking abilities. They grant bonuses that work well with different types of champions. Attack-dependent champions would go for Infinity Edge and Last Whisper while players using critical strikes can maximize the potential of Phantom Dancer.

In summary, attack items are essential in improving a player’s attacking ability, allowing one to deal more damage in-game.

2. Defensive Items

Defensive items are used to increase a player’s survivability in-game. One of the most commonly used defensive items is the Guardian Angel, which revives a champion when they are killed. Other popular defensive items include Randuin’s Omen, Thornmail, and Sunfire Cape. Randuin’s Omen decreases the enemy’s damage output, while Thornmail reflects some of the physical damage back onto the enemy. Sunfire Cape burns everyone within an area of effect.

Defensive items assist in keeping players alive even under immense pressure when they are attacked. Tanks usually use these items since their primary role is to protect the team and absorb damage during the game.

To sum up, defensive items are crucial items that enable a champion to survive longer in-game, thereby enhancing their chances of winning.

3. Magic Items

Magic items increase a player’s magical ability power. They are incredibly useful for mages who need to deal magical damage rather than physical damage. Examples of magic items include Hextech Gunblade, Luden’s Echo, and Rabadon’s Deathcap. The Hextech Gunblade grants the user spell vamp and provides both physical and magical damage bonuses. Luden’s Echo grants additional movement speed, and Rabadon’s Deathcap provides an additional 40% magical power bonus.

Mages require the items mentioned above to increase their magic abilities, thereby allowing them to cause massive damage to the opponents’ team. Hence, players should add magic items to their inventory when playing using mage champions.

In conclusion, magic items are essential in increasing a player’s magical ability power in-game, thus causing significant damage to the opponent’s team.

4. Hybrid Items

Hybrid items increase a player’s ability to deal both physical and magical damage. Examples of hybrid items include Wit’s End, Hextech Gunblade, and Nashor’s Tooth. Wit’s End increases attack speed, while Hextech Gunblade provides both physical and magical damage bonuses. Nashor’s Tooth enhances the player’s attack speed, magical ability power, and restores mana every five seconds.

Hybrid items are beneficial for supporting characters like Karthus, since these characters’ primary role is to deal damage while supporting their teammates in-game. This helps them fulfill both their roles.

Overall, Hybrid items are essential in increasing the appropriateness of champion abilities with their expected roles.

5. Jungle Items

Jungle items are essential in aiding champions during jungle operations. These items help champions navigate through thick vegetation and defeat monsters and enemy minions. Examples of jungle items include Skirmisher’s Sabre, Stalker’s Blade, and Tracker’s Knife. Skirmisher’s Sabre is used to help players deal additional damage to hostile champions, while Stalker’s Blade slows down enemies, allowing players to catch up to them. Tracker’s Knife allows players to see adjacent areas hidden on the map, thereby making it easier for players to navigate through the jungle.

Players who intend to play as jungle characters should invest in buying these items to aid them in day-to-day operations and make work more comfortable and enjoyable.

All things considered, jungle items are fundamental in aiding a player’s navigation through jungle paths and making their due diligence more accessible.


The article extensively explored various aspects of League of Legends’ items statistics by classifying them into different item types. Statistics regarding attacking, defense, magic, hybrid, and jungle items have been elaborated to give players a comprehensive understanding of these various factors. It is essential for players to remember that these items increase their chances of winning the game as proper use of these items can lead to significant progress in gameplay.

In conclusion, players can take an informed approach to buying in-game items and use them strategically, thus increase their potential of being a successful player in League of Legends.

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