League Of Legends Kill Streak Names

Summary: In League of Legends, kill streaks are achievements that players can earn by taking out enemy champions uninterrupted. The game categorizes these kill streaks into different tiers, each with its own unique name and reward. These kill streak names have become an integral part of the game’s culture and are often used to boast about one’s dominance in matches.

1. What are kill streaks in League of Legends?

Kill streaks are essentially a measure of how many consecutive kills a player has made without dying. It can be triggered for all champion types, including Assassins, Tanks, Marksmen, Support, and Mages. For each successive kill, the player earns gold and items that improve their stats, making them more formidable in battle. The rewards that come with achieving a kill streak are much higher than what players would normally get for a kill, encouraging them to push their limits and take risks.

2. How are kill streaks classified in League of Legends?

There are four tiers of kill streaks in League of Legends, and each tier has its own unique name and reward. These classifications include:

– Killing Spree: This is the first tier of kill streaks, and it is achieved after making three consecutive kills without dying. Upon achieving this, players receive 300 gold, which is not much but certainly helps them build up their character.

– Rampage: Players who make four consecutive kills without dying earn the Rampage kill streak. They are rewarded with an additional 150 gold, which can come in handy, especially if they are already ahead in the match.

– Dominating: This tier (five consecutive kills) is where players really start to reap a significant amount of gold and confidence in their abilities. Upon reaching this milestone, players earn 450 extra gold. This is a good time for players to buy items that provide a significant stat boost.

– Godlike: This is the final tier of kill streaks in League of Legends. Players who have gone nine kills without dying reach this milestone and receive 900 gold, enough to swing the momentum in their favor entirely.

3. Why are kill streak names important in League of Legends?

Aside from the rewards they earn, players in League of Legends often use kill streak names as motivation to continue playing. For many, achieving these different types of kill streaks is a source of pride, and they often brag to their friends about them or post screenshots on social media.

Kill streak names also add an element of excitement to a match. When a player is on a Killing Spree or Godlike streak, other players become extremely cautious around them, knowing that one mistake can mean the end of their game or team’s chances of winning the match. Furthermore, the adrenaline rush that comes with being on a streak is part of why gamers keep grinding for these milestones.


Overall, Kill streaks and their names are a major part of League of Legends’ culture. They add an extra layer of excitement to an already intense game, inspiring players to push their limits and take risks. As players continue to come up with new, creative ways to achieve higher kill streaks and show off their accomplishments to others, we can be sure that this aspect of the game will remain a cornerstone of League of Legends’ lore for years to come.

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